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Thread: Buldging disc ??? Is there any solution ????

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    Default Buldging disc ??? Is there any solution ????

    We have an 11 yr old Caviler x Maltese named Molly.

    Two weeks ago she awoke from her kennel with a hunched spine and stiffness and she was very tender in the back area if touched. We called our vet immediately and he give us some pain relief - anti-inflammatory drugs.

    A couple of days later her rear right leg started to drag and she started to become very wobbly in the rear end. After a second visit to our vet with further examinations he has diagnosed it as a bulging disc and has prescribed a course of Prendicilone 20mg for 7 days to begin with.

    Three days in on the steroids and her condition seems to have worsened to the point where she struggles to have the energy to get outside to go to the toilet and her rear leg strength has worsened considerably. Surgery unfortunately isn't an option at her age as we believe the process and rehab involved will take its toll on her.

    Is there anyone out there who has dealt with this problem before that may have any suggestion or solutions to give our girl some quality of life back. We can deal with the inside accidents and caring as long as there is light at the end of the tunnel, but its heartbreaking to have to see her suffer if there is no solution.



    Melbourne, Australia
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    Hi Trev

    You can get doggy wheel chairs. That might help.

    I think the most important thing is to limit the kind of exercise your dog can do - tho at the moment it's not much.

    Got a friend with two similar dogs to yours and one of them jumped off the bed, landed funny and her back end didn't work for quite a while after that. It was quite frightening. They spent a lot of money getting xrays and things but the vets couldn't find anything significant.

    Friend did not limit the exercise - so for a while it got worse. If that's possible.

    Anyway the dog is now walking almost normally and back to doing a lap or two at the local football oval - so that's pretty good - tho before she didn't need to be driven down there.

    Anti inflamatories should help. Hydrotherapy (walking in water) should help too - if you can find a vet / vet physio that has a hydrotherapy treadmill.

    Friend's other dog got into trouble and stopped walking for a while but they got an anti arthritis steroid drug for him, and he's like a new dog. Long term - it will probably kill the dog but short term the quality of life is so much better than without it.

    really important to make sure your dog is as lean as she can be. ie you might need to put her on a diet - especially if she's not exercising so much. carrots can make up the difference. they don't have a lot of calories.

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    Thanks for your reply,

    The only exercise she gets or movement is when we get her to go outside to try and go to the toilet. And that is a big struggle for her as she has lost the strength to hold herself up to wee and poo correctly. You can see the frustration on her face and i think that's why she has started having accidents inside as it just seems easier for her to cope with. Still happy and alert, eating/drinking well and her weight is well under control. Tomorrow we are ringing a doggy Chiro we have a number of to see if he has any solutions or methods that he/she may be able to apply. fingers crossed

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    'trev20876' - sorry to read this about your pup.

    Maybe have a look at acupuncture and/or Bowen Therapy.

    As '
    Hyacinth' said -
    Anti inflamatories should help. Hydrotherapy (walking in water) should help too - if you can find a vet / vet physio that has a hydrotherapy treadmill.
    If your pup is carrying too much weight - then any treatment will be only a band aid. Yes, age does come into it also.

    Complete rest and only walking on lead - very slowly so she uses all her legs will help.

    As far as toileting of your pup is concerned - look at other ways for her to do her toileting. If you can help her to get where she wants to go - then that is what you do.

    My last pup was so well toilet trained, she just wouldn't toilet inside at all. A towel under her tummy and rib area and walking very slowly - she was able to toilet where she wanted.

    Just a suggestion.

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    Molly had her first session with an animal Chiropractor who specializes in dogs and horses today.

    Our vet has diagnosed a bulging disc, the Chiro seems to think this is far from the case. He believes the tightness and tension in her lower back (muscle knotting) is what is causing the pain and paralysis and is more than confident that he can get her up and mobile. She was as happy as Larry sitting there getting massaged accept a few tender spots on the lower back region.

    He also mentioned that he has had dogs in far worst states than Molly is and has had results. Will keep you all posted.

    Until then back to the patient

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