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Thread: Question re monthly heartworm/flea tablets

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    Default Question re monthly heartworm/flea tablets

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have searched FAQs for an answer but can't find anything to help.

    I have a 4 month old female English staffy pup who weighs 7.6kg. Is it ok to give her Panoramis chewable worm/flea tablet for dogs where they are for 9.1 - 18kg dogs?

    Thanks so much

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    Hi 'Sheppo' and to the forum ! Hope you enjoy being a member here !


    Have you spoken to your pup's breeder as to what they use ? Do you know what has been used before ?

    I don’t use anything like this – but after some research – came up with the following.

    In the Q & A in this link:
    Can I split the tablets between my dogs?

    No. The Panoramis tablets are not suitable to split between your dogs. Panoramis has 5 convenient weight ranges to cater for dogs of virtually all sizes.

    Other sites I looked at noted that you could divide the tablets up.

    As there is a huge weight range between 9.1kg and 18kg – I would suspect that 1 whole tablet would be OK to give her.

    I would still be checking with a vet whether the tablets you already have are OK to give her.
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    Hi Sheppo,

    Please get advice from your vet...before giving any medication.
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    It may be that these tablets are not suitable for very small dogs or puppies. Best to check with vet. An email or phone call should be enough. Or ring up the manufacturer.

    I have been known to cut up worm tablets because 1 tablet per 10kg is a bit annoying when your dog weighs 21 kg. Ie 3 tablets is just way too much.

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    Thank you for your replies. I ended up ringing the tablet manufacturer and they advised against it (as I knew they would). I will get one tablet for her correct weight as I am sure she will be the correct weight the next time her tablet is due. Thanks again.

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    I have often divided tablets up. Tablets that are premarked into halves and quarters are probably safest like the worming tablets often are so I would give a 21 kg dog 2 and a 1/4 10 kg tablets.

    If they are premarked the likelihood of the actual medication being distributed evenly through the tablet is probably good. If they are meant to not be divided up then I guess you cant be totally sure.

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