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Thread: Labrador Puppy - Red Spot

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    Default Labrador Puppy - Red Spot

    Hi All,

    We have a 13 week old Yellow Labrador named Penny.

    On Saturday afternoon I noticed an unusual red area which almost looked like a cut up near her front right elbow. She had just spent the last hour playing with a friends 5 month old Lab and I put it down to a bit of rough and tumble at the time.

    That night I had another look and it had grown slightly and weeped a little more and matted a bit of the surrounding fur. It feels callas like and when pressed doesn’t seem to cause her any discomfort.

    This is our first family dog so we're very precioius with her. I’ve heard of hot spots and thought this may have been one? She’s not been wet often, is eating well and hasn’t had any other kinds of issues recently. I've been keeping a real close eye on her the past couple of days, she isn't limping on it and doesn't lick / chew the area.

    At the moment I’ve carefully clipped some of the hair around the spot away and am cleaning it regularly with a solution of antibacterial detol and warm water. I then dry the area thoroughly and apply a diluted solution of water and Betadine.

    I checked it this morning (Monday) and it doesn’t seem to have got any bigger and still doesnt appear to be causing her discomfort. The area is dry and doesnt appear to be weeping anything.

    Can anyone shed some more light on if it is in fact a hot spot or possibly something else? So frustrating because I had her at the vet Saturday morning but this didn’t pop up until the afternoon!!!

    Any tips / info greatly appreciated.


    First two photo's are after I've cleaned it yesterday, second photo I just got the missus to send me, it hasn't been cleaned in that one and I wonder if it looks worse because of the residual Betadine.




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    hot spots usually occur where there is high humidity - I thought they mostly occurred around ears - under flaps and arm pits and skin folds - that attract fungus and can't dry out easily.

    That looks like an ordinary scrape - eg slipped against some tin in the back yard and carved a bit of dog off. I sometimes do it if I scrape on concrete too. So if it was a horse, I'd be getting out the "Purple spray" which is similar to bettadine.

    A cut/scrape would take about 10 days to heal up. Should get scabby first. Aloe vera direct from the cactus leaf is also good for these. Honey would be good but encourages licking.

    But if it gets infected - swollen - red or pus filled - might want to see the vet for better antibiotic.

    Ring worm (a fungus similar to jock itch) can look a bit like that but isn't usually weepy. The hair surrounding a ring worm fungus patch breaks in the middle then falls out and the patch gets bigger and it can spread to other dogs, cats, pet mice, children...

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    Definitely a scrape. Just some advice do NOT use dettol on dogs skin it's irritating and can burn. Just use salty water then put betadine on it, or get Cetrigen spray and give it a squirt. Best stuff on the planet for dog wounds even cuts.

    If the dog is not fusssed it's fine. Wounds will weep that is normal, cleans all the muck out naturally. You'd be horrified if you saw what my dogs have gotten and not seen a vet for lol One of my dogs stuck her head through the hand hold in the gate and removed a 5cm square of hair and it looked like a mean case of gravel rash. Cetrigen and picking off the scabbing, healed just fine.

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