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Thread: Commercial dog food spread sheet.

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    Default Commercial dog food spread sheet.

    Hi All,

    Long time no post. Please note I have posted this in other dog forums so please forgive and ignore me if you've seen this pop up in other places.

    I've had a busy couple of weeks at work but now things have quietened down I really want to get back into reading as much as I possibly can about dog nutrition and one of the (nerdy) things I love to do is make a good spreadsheet.

    So... I've made one for commercially available dog foods. I'd love if people could help me fill it in with options they're familiar with.

    A few parameters:
    This is only for commercially available animal foods and treats. No home made raw options please. (I'm not anti-raw) I just want a list of commercial options.
    This isn't supposed to be a place to bash or promote brands or peoples choices. BUT if there are genuine pieces of info (e.g.: Doesn't reconstitute well - then please include in the notes)
    Please feel free to add fields that you think are appropriate - I've based info so far on price, "flavour" and "dietary claims" (e.g: Grain free) + standard nutrition info included on packaging in Aust. As they're the things that are easy to obtain and important in our house at the moment.

    I've only added a few items at the moment - brands which I have been reading up on or have been or are currently in rotation here at home, some I have picked up at the shops or would like to try and even they're not 100% complete. I have also included some of the much lower ends of the scale (e.g. Pal) to kick things off. I have to say I think I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with and sorting this sheet.

    Any how, here it is:

    I hope it's editable, ends up being useful and maybe even fun...

    PS - If this has been done and published here before - please let me know I did search.

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    Wow - top effort.

    There are a couple of database type lists of commercial dog food but all the ones I know about are USA based and their ingredients (what's cheap and easy to get) are different to ours.

    I will add black hawk holistic adult lamb and rice soon. I accidentally bought a bag of puppy version of it (who knew they made adult and puppy in the same flavour) so have to go and swap it for what I really wanted. And I thought they'd just got a new label.

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