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Thread: Too much pooping

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    Thank you for the photo ! That is one very cute pup ! Heaps of kudos for taking on a rescue !

    Good Luck for the vet visit.

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    Hi Titan43

    most dog food has a pretty good ingredient list - with the main ingredient listed first, and then by decreasing proportions - same as human food ingredients get listed.

    IAMS make all sorts of food - so it may or many not have wheat (or gluten grains) in it.

    Not sure about the kibble but they usually have a list of ingredients.

    Avoid Hills Science diet - even if the vet recommends - make him (or her) check the ingredients with you and explain why the first three are ok for a dog on an allergy elimination diet.

    There's a few brands that make stuff that are good for trying elimination diets (where you set up a diet with no allergens in it) that have turkey or fish and rice or some other gluten free filler grain. Or no grain at all.

    But it's probably easier to get it right feeding raw. Raw has got to be cheaper than imported IAMS surely.

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    Oh my! what a handsome fella.
    glad to hear that persisting with stable diet is working out.
    They are expensive to run health wise it seems. Id grab some insurance now

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