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Thread: Eye Problem

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    Oh no, poor Misi Let us know what the vet says tomorrow. A big hug for you as well . Try not to worry to much... there is nothing else you can do right now...

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    Thanks Hippo

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    aww poor Misi...sending big hugs to her & you

    I so hope that its not bad news from vet, pls let us know how it goes

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    Thank you! Will do

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    Hugs to you both Mags. I do hope it's nothing sinister.

    I have seen minor injuries in dogs and horses - scratches on the corneal surface, that can be caused by a twig or similar and heal like any other scratch.

    I really hope your girl has something simple going on there

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    Awww...thanks Natt
    Getting more worried now. She's sleeping behind the couch right now, normally at this time shes on the couch next to me...

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    Poor Misi

    Hope it's nothing bad and she gets better asap.

    Keep us posted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deerhound View Post
    One of the Vets I used for many years in Vic is an eye specialist. He spent 8 years working with Rowan Blogg. Having Pugs I learnt never to mess around with eyes. Off to the Vet to have it checked as soon as possible just in case.

    Never use a tissue on an eye. It can do more harm than good. A damp cotton ball is better. I always keep an unopened bottle of artificial tears on hand just in case of eye injuries.

    Hope everything goes OK at the Vet tomorrow.
    Hi Mags,
    Firstly sorry to hear that the sweety is not good

    Now,I agree with DH,never use anything dry to clean the eye,always a damp cotton ball,baby wipes are also good ( must be the unscented soap free ones) or a wet tea bag.

    I wish I had some good news story to tell but sadly I dont
    Loppy suffered a scratched eye as pup from a litter mate when a baby.It got weepy etc,saw vet etc...all seemed well.
    It kept returning,more vets,was put down as Dry Eye,drops numerous times a day,every day.
    The eye is now nearly all milky and we are looking at losing it as infections just keep returning.

    Not saying it will be this doom and gllom for you but just stressing that eyes are not to be messed with.If you dont feel comfy with first vets answer,keep going until you you are happy .

    Best of luck to you both
    hugs (())
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    Thanks Chop
    Poor Loppy
    and yes, will never use a tissue...
    Going to the vet later in the afternoon.

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    How did misi go at the vet's today?

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