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Thread: Food leftovers for a puppy

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    Default Food leftovers for a puppy

    Hi all,

    I have started introducing raw foods to Zulu. I have started with one meal a day, dinner, which is a chicken wing.

    I have also read about giving your dog food leftovers( in moderation) and have started collecting the left overs and keeping it in the fridge. The idea is to just use the leftovers to mix with kibble and stuff kings with (at this stage)

    As we speak. Zulu is munching a kibble, baked beans and creamed spinach kong and is loving it!

    With regards to food left overs, is there anything you should not be giving your dog? Obviously not cooked bones and assume it should be in moderation too.


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    Have you got any pics of him?

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    There are lists so be sure to read them. I know Maggie farts like a loony on too many root veggies, stealthy ones that wale you up at night wondering what woke you!. I avoid mushrooms, onions. If you use packet anything they are full if sugar salt and assorted chemicals eg gravy mix. There are conflicting opinions on garlic. Do a search on foods to avoid for dogs.

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    Yes, do a search on safe foods. Mine get safe scraps or fridge leftovers that are getting a bit old all the time either mixed with kibble or at the end of our meal on our plates as our pre wash cycle before they go in the dishwasher. They do not get the plates if there is a creamy or fatty residue. Never cooked bones or cooked fat. Been doing this for over 30 adult years with many dogs even before I got a dishwasher and no one has been ill due to it either. Many will turn their noses up at that..too bad, personal choice.

    They worship the ground that I walk on if boxes of bones from the butcher are going green and stink. They have their own freezer, lol. Once they got maggots as extra protein. They nearly took my (gloved) hand off snatching at them that time (slight exaggeration) when always they are so well behaved sitting for them. Excitement got too much.
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    My guys love leftover pasta , peas, carrots, etc

    I've stopped using finely chopped onion in my spaghetti bolognese because i always cook to much and the goofs miss out if its got onion in it.

    Grapes, nuts, sultanas are just a few other no no's as well. I think avocado can be added to that list as well.

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    no onions for me or the dog. The smell is intolerable.

    There usually isn't much leftovers. Sometimes there is pie crust or the chewy bit of a steak - I chop into small bits and put in the freezer in snack bags until needed.

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