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Thread: Possible broken leg with gnarly infection

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    Hi guys, his is my first post here but I'm a bit scared and desperate for reassurance.

    We have a bull Arab- shar pei- staffy who is about 15 months old. We took her to the vet Saturday morning as her hind leg was all swollen and red and she wasn't putting any weight on it. We'd suspected an infection which the vet confirmed but she said it was in the joint, not from an external injury. She also thinks there may be a broken bone. At that stage the swelling was quite bad and ranged from her knee joint up to her hip. The area was reed and stretched and looked almost weepy.

    Pippa had an antibiotic injection and three types of antibiotics to take home for the weekend. No pain relief as she hasn't really indicated pain by whimpering, she just won't stand on that leg.

    The swelling has now travelled down to her foot which is huge. Her left leg is about three times the thickness of her right (she has super skinny legs). The swelling has increased and there is now blood oozing from the most swollen parts. The vet has said the antibiotics may not work as joint infections are unusual but often very severe. She's is on everything they can give and the next option would be surgery (if appropriate) or euthanasia (if it's gone past that).

    We are booked in for an X-ray early tomorrow. Has anyone been through this or similar? I'm terrified it won't be treatable. I'm scared of her being in pain or not healing well from a surgery (I assume it'd be to go in and clean it out?). I'm scared she will need an amputation and that she won't cope when we move in two months to a highset house. I'm scared the only options for saving her will be out of our reach (we've recently liquidated and scrimped and dropped every spare penny we have on a house deposit- normally we'd have a backup emergency fund but the one time we need it, it's not there!). I'm scared the vet will look at us sadly and say there is nothing she can do.

    I trust our vet. We've only had pleasant surprises regarding costs and she has been wonderful. We've only needed to see her for 'emergencies' twice but she always does everything she can to fit us in, keep us informed and look after our pup.

    I guess what I hope is that someone can give me a heads up on what to expect, so I can think clearly when I see her tomorrow and ask the right questions- and also to share some happy endings...

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    If she has a possible broken bone was she in some type of accident? I am surprised they didnt x-ray her immediately. My dog was in an accident with heavy machinery recently and I took her to the vet immediately and she went straight into x-ray. The whole thing sounds very scary, I am hoping for the best for your dog.

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    Hi 'Twinklelittlestarfish' and to the forum !

    You poor thing ! What a sad first post !

    I have never come across anything like that with my pups. The only thing I can suggest is to have a complete blood panel test done with the Xrays.

    So - wishing you and your pup - Heaps and Heaps of these:

    Good Luck Hug .jpg

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    Hi twinklelittestarfish

    So glad you took your dog to the vet to get their help.

    she could have spiked herself on something which allowed the infection in but I think I'd really want to know what I could do to avoid further problems.

    My brother's dog broke her leg jumping off something and crash landing... and had to spend quite a few weeks bandaged up and in a crate to stop her running around. Tho that's more immediate and not like a joint infection.

    Plenty of dogs do fine on 3 legs but this would be a decision you would have to make with your vet bearing in mind what kind of house you're moving to and whether you could work around the limits eg taking your dog somewhere flat to exercise, and using a crane/sling/wheelbarrow to get her into your house or something.

    Hope your dog is ok and do come back and let us know how it goes.

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