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Thread: Insurance - stay away from Vets Own/Prosure

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    Default Insurance - stay away from Vets Own/Prosure

    Have paid for insurance for 7 years and our dog ended up with a haematoma as a result of an accident.
    Vets own (which is Prosure) refused to pay out after our dog needed surgery. Even when they contacted the vet and the veterinarian stated it was an impact injury they wormed their way out sighting that this type of accident was not covered.
    Our veterinary clinic was shocked and frustrated that this company didn't payout this legitimate claim (we were told they would).
    They also claim you can't cancel your policy???? Until the 12 months of your pay cycle is up.
    They make the appeal process much harder than it needs to be so that you lose interest and don't pursue. You constantly get the run around from this company every time you contact them.
    Please don't make the mistake that we did by entering into an insurance agreement with this company.
    Make sure you research the company you go with as I am led to believe that Prosure (who own vets own) have bought out several other companies.

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    Sorry you had trouble with Insurance and thanks for posting about your experiences.

    My experiences with unwilling insurances (and others) who refused to let me cancel a service or refused to pay (or whatever) is that a simple complaint to the ACCC does wonders to make people a bit more responsive. Too many people just give up so they'll try. Have a look here, this outlines the steps to take. And it also specifies that you have to right to cancel a service if it's not fit the purpose you asked for. I'd also not give up so easily on whether they have to pay for the surgery... Cancelling a service | ACCC

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    You could take it to the ombudsman who deals with that area. They will tell you if the insurance company can do this legitimately. That is what a friend did. In her case although it sucked the insurance company could do what they did.

    I have been fortunate with my pet insurance, they have paid every claim without question, accident, illness and genetic problem. That is really rude after being with them for 7 years. I would be seriously bunmmed and would certainly be making enquiries.

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    Prosure / vets own is backed by Hollards - which all pet insurance is - except the one backed by Al lie an z .

    Hollards are usually pretty good about paying up.

    My brother had his insurance company try to get out of a claim but he'd called before he took the dog to the vet to get some lumps off to see what he'd get back on the insurance ie was it worth the bother of claiming... and he got told they'd pay back 80% of the whole thing after he'd paid the first 20% - which is what the marketing blurb says.

    If you read the PDS in detail - there are a squillion exclusions and when he put the claim in they only wanted to pay for the first lump off, not all six lumps... but they'd already heard there were 6 lumps and agreed to pay 80%. I don't think they did pay 80% in the end but they did pay more than they originally said they would because "this phone call is recorded "

    All the Hollards PDS are the same pretty much - the only differences are the up front premiums and max payouts that the retailers offer. So I imagine a cut price retailer would try to refuse as many claims as possible. Pays to ring up front.

    I don't think an insurance company can reasonably charge a premium and then refuse to pay out a legit expense. Accidental injury eg from a car accident - is included in their basic cover... So long as the injury occurs while you're covered.

    Accidental Injury means physical harm or injury arising
    from a single event occurring at an identifiable time and
    place, which is independent of any other cause including any
    Pre-existing Condition. Injuries covered by the Accidental
    Injury Cover option of this Policy are specified in Section 2.
    Section 2 – Accidental Injury Cover
    Accidental Injury Cover is applicable if:
    c it is shown on your Certificate of Insurance; and
    c your Pet was at least 8 weeks of age at the
    Commencement Date.
    2.1 What we will pay
    Your policy will cover Vet Expenses for Treatment incurred
    by you during the Policy Period up to the Benefit Limits, as a
    result of your Pet suffering an Accidental Injury in one of the
    circumstances described below. You will be responsible for
    any Co-payment and/or Excess as shown on the applicable
    Certificate of Insurance.
    To qualify for Cover under this section of the Policy, the
    Accidental Injury must be a direct consequence of at least
    one of the following:
    1. motor vehicle incident
    2. burn or electrocution
    3. fall from an elevated position
    4. snake bite, or
    5. allergic reaction to an insect bite other than tick and
    flea bites
    or otherwise result in:
    1. a bone fracture
    2. a traumatic ligament or tendon injury, or
    3. lacerations or abrasion of tissue, skin or mucous
    membrane due to external violence.
    I can't see how they can get out of that. Injury as a consequence of impact (fall?)...

    General Insurance Claims are handled by the Financial Obudsman
    Financial Ombudsman Service

    You could try ringing the company again and reading the relevant bits of the PDS to them... and then tell them you're going to the Finance ombudsman. You probably need to talk to the call center operator's supervisor or if the call centre is OS - then write a letter (not an email) to the Australian office and send it registered mail (so someone at the office must sign for it).
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