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Thread: Dog acting strange after grooming

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    Default Dog acting strange after grooming

    Hi everyone,
    My two dogs have just been for a haircut and grooming, however, one of them has been acting very strange since.
    As soon as he got home he sat on his tail and would not walk and was almost crawling and spinning around on it. First we thought he could not walk, but turns out that is ok and he can, thank goodness! But he has still continued to keep sitting on his bum and tail and moving very strangely (it is so odd I'm not really sure how to explain it). While he has been doing this he has been growling and crying, which makes me think he is very frustrated and in a lot of pain. I really don't know what is wrong with him and I don't like seeing him like this. He has never ever acted this way before (he is turning 3 this year), which is why I am so concerned.
    I was thinking it could have something to do with the anal glands but I am really not sure
    Anybody who has any idea of what could be wrong with him your help would be extremely appreciated!!

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    Considering he just got back from the groomers, make sure you check him all over for any cuts or burns - not all groomers know what they are doing
    How long has he been doing this? It could possibly have something to do with his anal glands, or possibly worms if he isn't up to date with his worming treatment. I think if he doesn't look like he is improving you should probably get a vet to check him over.

    Hope you can figure out whats wrong with him, its never nice when our pets are unwell

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    We are thinking it could be one of those things as well. We got him done on Tuesday afternoon and that is when he began acting strange and he just seems to be getting worse, I think we are going to have to take him to the vet tomorrow, he is getting very agitated and crying a lot.

    Thank you very much! I hope so too

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    Are there any physical signs of trauma in that area? It sounds like something possibly happened at the groomers. Let us know what the vet says. Have you spoken to the groomers?

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    Is this a new groomer or a regular groomer.

    I get my dog's claws clipped with my favourite groomer - cos she's better at it than I am. I get to stay and help. One quick got damaged one time out of three visits and 18 nails each time but I don't think my dog even noticed.

    As the others have said - some groomers are crap. Sometimes the dog wriggles the wrong way at just the wrong time. I'd be taking a wet paper towel or white facewasher and having a very slow careful wipe around the area that seems to be in trouble - looking for cuts and blood. If there is any - I'd be getting the cuts treatment out - aloe vera, or purple spray, or bettadine. If the cut seems really bad - off to the vet. Tho that might be a good idea anyway.

    Most dogs I know - fresh back from a competent groomer - are so happy and feel so light - they do the maddest zoomies everywhere.

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