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    Smile Diet advice

    Hi there everyone, I am a newey to this forum. I need advice as to what I can feed my Malteese X. At present we have her on Chum. I am not happy with this choice, but my husband sees no prob with this tin food. I want to give her something more nutritious and beneficial. Lilly (.our dog) was abandoned. She is aprox 6 yrs old. I have noticed that she has an odour coming from her coat, could this be what we are feeding her? We do give her dog biscuits as well. My husband doesn't think that biscuits are enough- he comes from the old school- tin food is good enough ,he says . I would like any suggestions and recommendations on what to feed Lilly. By the way we have had Lilly for 3 yrs now, is it too late to change her diet now.
    Thanks everyone, Bernie2205

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    Hi Bernie2205

    Welcome to the forum.

    I don't know what we could possibly say that would get your husband to listen to us.

    Chum won't kill your dog instantly but long term - I can't see how it's good. The dog poo resulting is enough to put me off ever feeding any kind of tinned dog food. As tinned food goes - if I had to - I'd probably pick Optimum - it has a less offensive ingredient list than Chum and Pal.

    This has a list of good and bad ingredients you can use to make an assessment for yourself (or your hubby can if he will believe a random website).
    The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?

    With tinned dog food - you're mostly paying for water.

    Alternatives to tinned food and kibble include
    making your own (what I do)
    making "BARF" which is a mixture of raw meat and cooked vegies.
    variations on that theme - eg there is a product called "Fuds" which is a sort of vegie mix that you add water and raw meat to - to make up a dog's dinner. And there is something called Vets all Natural (not to be confused with Nutro Natural Choice or Hills Science Diet) - which is a bit like BARF only different.

    I can't find anything that lists the ingredients in Chum so I can't comment further on whether it is good or not.

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    i would steer well clear of supermarket brand tinned foods. In my opinion they are cheap, mass produced crap.

    have you thought about making your own at home ? there is heaps of info on home made food on this forum and on the web. do your research, there is plenty of
    information out there!

    good luck with it, and good on you for rescuing an abandoned dog.
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    Tinned food is expensive when you look at the ingredients and so many fillers. Do some searching on the forum as there are many threads relating to feeding the dogs. I use raw with some Black Hawk but every dog is different. My sister cooks her dogs food as do others. No one seems to find tinned food a nutritious source not to mention the salt levels. So possibly your partner would respond to a discussion on nutrition that was less expensive.

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    would you eat maccas or kfc everyday and hope that its healthy?

    tinned dog food is crap, id only ever give it to mine if he was constipated.......

    my boy gets black hawk in the morning and raw meat and veges at night, his coat is healthy and shiny, he doesnt stink, fresh breath....... no horrid farts.......
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    The food you are feeding your pup - will definitely affect smell, coat condition and teeth. It really depends on how much canned food you are actually feeding.

    Maybe have a look at tinned sardines, mackerel, tuna, and salmon. You can buy these on special and with the size of your pup - a can would go a long way !

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