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    Hey I have a 2 months old purebred staffy and since I have gotten her, she done jet black stools (had her for 1 week today). I'm worried it she is internally bleeding. She was eating dry food and wet food mixed together with the other owner and when I got her we gave her dry food twice a day and she didn't really eat much. Just these last few days I have given her wet food, dry food, and one schmacko strap and she eats most of that. Should I take her to the vet?
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    could be blood or internal bleeding

    Could be the food she's eating - including dirt from the garden, or roo jerky etc.

    My dog does black poo after I've given her a big piece of dried kangaroo meat. And also if she decides to eat a large amount of black dirt (usually because it's had bbq fat poured on it - I hate people who do this in public spaces).

    If you're worried - take her to a vet - with one of the poos wrapped up for the vet to inspect and send to the lab if needed.

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    Yep, best bet is to head to the vet. Other option would be to try a different food and see if it changes. Ditch that wet food (tinned?) first. Tinned food is crap no matter what it costs. Good luck.

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    Having grown up on a farm where dogs NEVER saw vets, it takes a bit for me to get my dog checked out ... but if my dog was pooing black more than once and there was no obvious dietry cause, I would be at the vets quick smart. My dogs poo goes white if I give him too many bones for example

    There's certainly possible dietry causes but unless it's something very obvious, take your dog and a stool sample to the vet(as fresh as possible).

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    I am assuming that the pup is up to date with vaccinations?

    They usually recommend that you change a pup's diet gradually to avoid any reactions. Not that I've always followed that advice myself, mind you.

    He's such a baby still, so in this case I would second a vet visit too. It's always good to get new pets checked over anyway. Has he been wormed recently? I don't know if worms can cause black poo, but it could be a combination of things.

    As far as diet goes, I can recommend switching to raw food. Something I would have never considered before I joined this site, but there's no way I would go back to feeding processed to my pets now. I feed mainly beef or roo pet mince mixed with Vets All Natural, which makes for a balanced diet. Apart from having to refrigerate it, it's pretty easy too. My dog and our foster pups do/did very well on it.

    PS: I do still feed some dry too because I can put it in the food dispensing toys to keep them busy.
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    I would take a new dog for a vet check anyway. It could mean intestinal parasites as well.

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    iron makes poo black
    Protein contains iron
    Dog food contain protein.
    if my pup were healthy, lively, passing solid poo's without difficulty, id try a gradual diet change.

    digested blood is unlikely to make a poo black, its generally something you have to test for. "occult blood test".

    If i had not had this pup vet checked already, id go do it anyhow, but not for the black poo reason, just for good animal husbandry practice.
    and use the tinned dog food as door stops, its really only good enough to keep a door open IMO.

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