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Thread: Eye Socket (Orbital) Disease (Exophthalmos)

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    Default Eye Socket (Orbital) Disease (Exophthalmos)

    Anyone had this sort of thing happen to their dogs?

    My 1 year 11 month old Shar-pei Cross (Dingo...... maybe kelipie, looks like a dingo lol) Chilli, has been diagnosed.

    The problem is the cause is unknown. With this issue it is to do with something behind the eye pushing the eye forward, causing bulging eye, plus protruding third eyelid.
    Causes are varied and many Causes of Exophthalmos in Dogs by Diane Garrod | Critters 360

    Being past the local vets abilities she's been to the specialist centre (VSS Brisbane (Underwood)........I practically live at the place, my other dog has Lymphoma and goes there for Chemo).

    Today they did a local and used an ultrasound finding two areas beside each other behind the eye that were not normal, but were not appearing to be an abscess type infection that could be drained. With this inconclusive info there were not keen to put her fully under and go sticking needles behind into the unknown areas for fluid sample.

    For 'more info' they recommended and said an MRI is really the best bet to get an 'idea'. $2000.

    Now normally I would have said, yes do this, but my other dog (6 year old Traditional Chinese (bone mouth) Shar-pei) has Lymphoma, and this got me adding up costs, $17,000 (at the same centre) so far so understandably I'm not the most flush in funds these days.

    The only alternative given (which in hindsight now the Vet said 'could try') is a course of anti-biotics and anti-inflamitories to see if it helps. There's a 'chance' it could work, as it is the treatment given for some of the causes. But no one sounds very confident in this.

    From what I've assessed from the info at hand, an MRI would give a better idea of the issue, but the issue may well be still not treatable or possibly involve major surgery (ie skull/bone grafting etc), or the MRI could still not tell the story.

    My logic now being if drugs work or help a bit, it does eliminate a few things on the list that don't respond to the drugs. Though still puts things in a very hard place.

    While it's a rare condition keen to hear from anyone that's had experience with this.

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    Bumping post in case it was missed.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    'Spoony' - Very sorry to be reading all your troubles with your pups !

    A suggestion - Contact the person mentioned in the following link. She does Shar Pei rescue and is in Brisbane also. I am sure that she will be able to offer excellent advice to you as she has been involved with Shar Peis for a long time.

    Peiradise (Shar Pei Rescue Qld) - PetRescue

    It appears that it is a common problem with Shar Peis - so I am sure that she has come across it before.

    Good Luck !

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