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Thread: Puppy Diarrhea - Scared

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    Unhappy Puppy Diarrhea - Scared

    Hi everyone

    I was not sure whether to post this here or on the puppy forum so I've put it in both.

    We got our new baby Jenna on Friday and she is gorgeous but since we got her her stools have been soft and, more worrying, this morning she went 3 times in the space of an hour and the third time it was quite watery. She is happy in herself and slept great last night. She went from 11:00 through to 5:30 and hadn't wee'd or poo'd in her crate, but then, as I said, lots of poos since. She is happy and bouncy and hasn't vomited at all. I have spoken to the pet ER and they say starve her for about 12 hours and see how things go but if she vomits or the diarrhea gets worse to phone again and take her in. She came with a pack of Eukanuba which is what she had been on so there has been no change in her diet. The only different thing she has had is a tiny bit of cheese when I gave her a drontal tablet last night. Could the drontal or the cheese have caused this?

    She did have a VERY stressful day getting here on Friday though. I know stress can cause diarrhea. She had to be flown from Melbourne to the Sunshine coast and was obviously distressed when we got her but seems to have settled down so much since then. All waggy tails and playing. Could this be a delayed reaction to the stress?

    The other thing is the area she uses for a toilet is basically just dirt and dead weeds at the moment and I was concerned because the weeds were treated with a herbicide a week ago. I have kept a really close eye on her to make sure she hasn't eaten any and I have spoken to the garden company and they assure me it would not do her any harm after it has dried.

    Sorry for rambling a bit I'm so worried. I just keep thinking I can't lose another dog so soon after Holly.

    Thanks T x
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    Just ensure she remains happy, bright and alert and keeps up her water intake. If the diarrhoea doesn't subside, take her to the Vet. I would say that it is possibly stress related.
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