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Thread: Seroma after desexing

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    Default Seroma after desexing

    Our female Kelpie was desexed last friday. We noticed a small lump next to her sutures.
    We called the vet & they said it is most likely to be a Seroma from being active after her operation. We have had her refined to a backyard but I think she has still be running around to much. The vet didn't seem to concerned about it at this stage, but to just keep an eye on it and try & prevent her from running around etc
    The Seroma doesn't seem to be bothering her at all & I have to say we have been lucky with her sutures as she is not worried by them the slightest. We check them often and doesn't look like they haven't been touched or licked

    We have now had to tie her up during the day when we are at work, near her kennel, hoping this will help it. She is due to get her sutures removed next Wednesday.

    My question is has anyone else had this with there dog? Can the Seroma go away on its owned or will we need to get it drained?
    What have you done with your dog to keep it limited to its 'hypo activity'?

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    Yup exactly what happened to Maggie it did go down eventually but it freaked me at the time.

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    She might get bored while chained, and start licking her stitches. Did the vet give you an Elizabethan collar for her?

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    Yes we do have one available, but I know that will drive her nuts and probably restrict her going into her kennel which is her comfort zone.
    We have surrounded her with all her toys etc and the tie up we have used is still long enough for he to still go on the grass & walk around but not quite long enough for her to run a muck.
    She has been a very good girl.... my last dog (heeler x kelpie) was the same never was bothered at all, didn't need a collar or anything. We have been keeping a close eye on her the last few days and she hasn't even sniffed or shown any sign that she knows the sutures are there! Today is the first day we have restricted her... so we will see how she goes.
    Fingers crossed she is coping

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    Bella had a lump with her stitches too. It went away after a while and the vet wasn't too concerned. I would probably avoid chaining her up though. Dogs tend to spend most of the day sleeping when we aren't home.

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    When we are home she is quite mellow and just chills with us... while when she is outside by herself she has her Hypo moments (expected being a Kelpie), where she will run around the property with her toys so the best way we thought to keep her from doing this is to tie her up on 4.5m long tie cord so it still gives her room to roam but not to run around hypo. The running around is what has caused the Seroma.

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