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Thread: Insane scratching

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    Someone recently asked on here for what supplements to give as immune boosters.
    Maybe run a search.
    My Vet says Vit C, cooked garlic and another thing I just cannot remember right now.

    ps My Vet is always prescribing things that you can just buy at a supermarket.
    e.g. yogurt, manuka honey, coconut oil etc.
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    Nope no hair loss around the eyes. His hair is raised a little all around his lower back in comparison to the rest of his fur. He hates me touching it. Pushes me away with his legs. Or maybe his fur is just like that? I don't know... I have only known him for 2 weeks.

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    For soothing the itch:
    wash dog in maleseb shampoo. Leave the lather on for 10 minutes to soak, then rinse.
    maleseb is expensive, but you can make you own, use vagisil, put a spoon full in a mild shampoo and mix. Same active ingredient, a lot cheaper.

    Other anti itchy tricks.
    Use a antihistamine tablet for hayfever with humans on your dog. My dogs are very large, they get human child doses for 50kg weighing dogs. (adjust dose accordingly)
    Use lavender oil: 10 drops to a bucket of water, and pour over the butt area, and leave to dry. Lavender is safe on dogs. It is a antihistamine, same as tablets are. The itching is the histamine reaction, so you need to switch it off.
    Moisturize the skin with coconut oil - dryness increases the itch 10 fold.
    Consider CAPSTAR. Tablet that kills every single flea on the dog dead in 20 mins. If your dog IS allergic to fleas, then consider, you use your flea treatment, and say in 2 days, all fleas are dead. However, one single walk, and he can get bitten. Sure the flea will die, but the flea saliver is back in your dog, and the itching restart up again.
    Put a rug down in the sun, on any grassy patches, to reduce exposure to flea bites on lawns.

    and in england, we'd get a hedgehog to keep in the garden. any chance you can find one of those? lol

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    Do you know what sort of mange your friends dog has? There are two mites that cause mange - sarcoptes and demodex. Sarcoptic mange can be treated with Revolution. Demodex will require injections of ivermectin or similar by a vet.

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    Poor Jasper - so much happening for just having him for about 2 weeks !

    'wkristen' - the more things you change – the less chance you have in trying to work out what is causing Jasper’s latest problem.

    From what you have written, I believe it could be a reaction to the advantix that you have used – particularly if his itchy spots are where you put the product.

    So a few links for you:

    Bayer Advantix for Dogs Tick & Flea Control Reviews Australia

    Problems With K9 Advantix | eHow

    Advantix. Why would anyone use this product? | eBay

    It sounds very similar to the reaction my pups had years ago with some spot-on stuff I was using at the time. I don’t use anything on Riley – my choice and with my vet's blessing - and touch wood – we haven't had a problem with fleas or ticks since I got him.

    The problem with this sort of stuff – is that it does get into their system – so only time and not using the product will help. You have been given a lot of really good information in the above posts – particularly from ‘bernie’ and 'chubbsecurity'.

    As far as the food situation is concerned – don't change it again. We all have constraints regarding feeding our pups – and money is a big one. Just remember it takes time to find what works and what doesn't – and any changes you make to food – please do it slowly. Jasper is still a baby !
    Good Luck ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif
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