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    Hi all,

    Newbie here and new to dog related forums!

    I have a 2 year old Pembroke Corgi who has sensitive skin. We were feeding Pro Plan Sensitive Skin/Stomach years ago but when it became Australian made, the ingredients changed and it no longer suited our girl. I was at Petstock the other day and the staff member recommended we try the Pro Plan again as they have now improved the formula and it no longer contains wheat or corn and the meat is hydrolysed for sensitive dogs.

    Is anyone feeding this new formula? Feedback would be great.

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    I've got no idea about pro plan.

    I feed my dog "black hawk" holistic lamb and rice - but pretty sure it has some of the stuff you mentioned as not ok and some dogs get skin irritations on it.

    My dog's skin problems are mostly related to how much belly crawling she does in fresh cut grass (argh), the less she does of that, the better her tummy is.

    Before I switched to black hawk I was feeding nutro natural choice chicken and rice.

    Pretty sure there is other stuff that's better - in terms of more and better quality protein and less (or no) grains (wheat, oats, corn, rice etc). Someone will drop in and say or you could go through some of the old threads.

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    I was considering feeding Pro Plan until I seen the amount of corn & weat in it, but I just had a quick look at the new sensitive belly/skin ingredients and it actually looks pretty good. There's a lot of meat and very little weat with no corn. I honestly think you should give it a shot but I have never tried it myself so I can't be 100% sure.
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    one thing in life, you never know the answer till you try most of the time.

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    Yes unfortunately no matter what other's experiences have been with this food, you can't predict how your girl will go until you try it as each dog is different.

    The hydrolised meat in pro-plan interests me, my dog has a meat protein intolerence and is currently on a very expensive prescription diet which he can handle because the meat protein is hydrolised. Will have to check it out.

    Good luck with your girl, if you decide to give it a try, please let us know how she goes

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    I have a cat with severe skin issues due to a suspected food allergy. I gave her hydrolysed meat kibble for a while. But a vet told me that there's a significant percentage of cats that don't respond to that. I can only assume this would be the same for dogs of course. We started an elimination diet a few weeks ago. Rabbit only for 6 weeks. Then we have to start introducing other foods one by one. I prefer to feed my pets fresh food, so didn't want to limit myself to (expensive) kibble.

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