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Thread: Which antibiotic cream?

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    Would it make people tell you you look like an a*se??

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    Maybe this is why I am told that all the time?????????????????????????

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Might be a good question for the breeder - what first aid stuff does she recommend to have on hand for dogs.

    I used to use something I called "the purple spray" on scrapes my horse got. I got that from an equestrian supplies.

    On my dog - I use aloe vera - straight from the cactus leaf - because it tastes very bitter (poisonous if eats too much), and she won't lick it and it promotes wound healing. I also use it on the occasional rash.

    Vinegar (diluted maybe) is supposed to be a good anti fungal (skin folds are prone to fungal problems), so is the cream for "jock itch" or thrush. It does depend a bit on what fungus it is.

    Honey - especially manuka honey is supposed to be a natural antiseptic too. But there's a really good chance the dog will lick that off. Not to mention it would attract ants.

    I imagine tee tree oil or eucalyptus oil and maybe lavender oil are also good antiseptic/anti fungal - as is methylated spirits. All these things are very strong - so you'd want to dilute lots eg 1/4 teaspoon eucalyptus in 500ml of water. And even that pongs. Straight and undiluted - it can melt plastic.

    I would avoid commercial (prescription) antibiotics as much as possible to avoid adding to the bacterial resistance problems we already have.

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    Good advice Hyacinth, I'm definitely more attracted to the natural therapies and as an aromatherapist have tons of good oils. Have also been speaking to my old teacher about the correct dilution for dogs (1%) as she also makes dog products.

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