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Thread: Spinal Surgery for an 11yr nearly 12yr old Labrador - Diagnosed with Discospondylitis

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    Default Spinal Surgery for an 11yr nearly 12yr old Labrador - Diagnosed with Discospondylitis

    I had my very much loved Labrador put to sleep a week ago as she was diagnosed as having Pancreatitis & Discospondylitis. She was cleared of the Pancreatitis after being on fluids for several days and her temp had come down, but once taken of the drip she was having trouble walking and eventually could not move due to the pressure on her spinal cord, after doing x-rays Discospondylitis was diagnosed as a 2nd issue. The only option for her was spinal surgery, we did not want to put her through anymore pain & suffering and we made the deision to put her to sleep.

    Did we make the right decision? Would it have been to much for a senior dog put through spinal surgery & does anyone know if discospondylitis is painful from your own experiences? What symptoms did your dog have and was it all of a sudden as I can't believe my dog went down hill so quickly with no warning.

    When I took her to the vet I never imagined that it would be so serious that I would never bring her home again.
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    We lost our dear Buddy in a similar situation at the same age.
    I wanted to save him, and have some more time with him but the Vet
    was quite adamant that euth was the best option for him.

    If he had surgery etc he would have needed to be re-homed to a quiet
    home with no other dogs and basically no excitement, single level house
    (our house on a hill so steps everywhere) Snoopy still a crazy gundog
    puppy at 18 months old.

    We are a high energy outfit here, I wish I had known what was wrong from the start
    then I could have made arrangements for him.
    He was a rescue ACD who had had a rough life, but he certainly enjoyed his time here
    and was very much loved by everyone in our family.
    He ended up paralysed, and yes it was so sudden, as you said.
    From running at the beach playing fetch, to a dog who could not walk 48 hrs later.

    My sincere condolences for your loss.
    Your dog was fortunate to have a wonderful life with you.
    We only had 5 months with our Budster, I would have loved to have had even
    one more year with the dear old boy.

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