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    So tonight I've had to regularly leave the room due to Brock's noxious gases. It's not unusual for the odd stink bomb to arrive via Brock's posterior but tonight it's just been constant and at least on par with the worst I've ever smelt it. Normally from experience I can pretty much work out what caused it(generally too many cheese treats) but tonight the only different things he's eaten from normal are some pizza crusts(never caused a problem before) and some garlic bread. The garlic bread is my number one suspect, has anyone else ever found the same?

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    yeah grains, garlic and processed human foods ferment and rot in the intestines hence the stink. The processed foods are more readily accessible to bacteria in the gut to pig out on and create methane and other lovely gasses.

    Yoghurt every day can help, and charcoal tablets. Or don't feed the dog scraps that rich and processed :P

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    Grains will do it for an otherwise excellent digestion in Maggie.

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    the only problem we've ever had, is when bully eats chicken, even chicken flavoured dog biscuits will do it, he is normally gassy, but it only stinks when he's had chicken for some reason, I know this doesn't help, but it's just a funny story, especially since I can't smell but my wife can

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