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    Hi everyone. I just moved house a week ago with my 2 BCs. They were fine for the first 3 days then for the past 3 or 4 days they have had diarrhoea (I suspect it is affecting them both because there isn't really any 'normal' poop in the garden, just a lot of piles of slop). They are on the same diet they were before so they must be eating something else from the new garden. I am not sure if there is a plant that is not good for dogs or whether it has something to do with all bones they are finding. Every morning there is another old piece of bone on the lawn (they are clearly very old bones from the look of them, that have been in the garden for a long time). I throw them away as they appear but they are still finding more from somewhere.

    Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to settle their stomachs? Stop feeding for 24 hours? Give them something else to eat? Plain rice?


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    Pretty much that's it Andrew. Won't hurt to fast for 24hrs, then boiled chicken and rice, no skin or fat on chicken. Keep it bland like that for a few days until they are back to normal, then gradually introduce their old food back over the next few days. If it's bad though, and doesn't get better with the bland diet you need to see a vet asap. hopefully it will settle quickly

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    My dog is a most excellent bone detector dog...

    If we visit other people's yards, I get to clean up all the old bones and she helps me find them all.

    I would also be cleaning up the poop twice daily or more often and maybe putting sand over the spots - so there's no chance of re-infection of the gut breaking stuff.

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