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Thread: Pancreatitis hisotry suitable long lasting dog treats?

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    Default Pancreatitis hisotry suitable long lasting dog treats?


    Recently my 3 year old Labrador got pancreatitis - which is all sorted now. He was put on a drip overnight at the vets.
    I have read a lot about the condition, and it seems fatty treats/foods can cause episodes. I have asked my vet but she didnt say to avoid fatty foods - I continuing his diet of Wellness core and Black Hawk.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this condition and what long lasting treats may be available for him.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I don't know much about pancreatitus...

    I know roo jerky is very lean. It doesn't even feel greasy unlike pigs ears or beef tendons. Not sure that cow hoofs have any fat in them either, they're made of keratin - which is the same stuff as hair, fingernails and maybe gelatine.

    And deer antler is bone - but given how hard it is, I worry it may break my dog's teeth.

    Black hawk kibble is fairly high fat - well it isn't low fat. It has canola oil and chicken fat directly added. And lamb meal isn't exactly fat free either. It's a lot higher fat (greasy) than the casserole I make of roo mince, rice and veg for my dog. Not sure what commercial dog food is low fat, but I think it would be worth finding out.

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    Don't know anything about pancreatitis in dogs, but in humans it's extremely painful and an attack can definitely be brought on by fatty foods. As for treats, like Hyacinth, I would be looking at roo meat products, and I would certainly be checking out the fat content of commercial foods - as I recently found out, some kibbles can be extremely rich - don't know if this is potentially a problem long term. Good luck with it

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    Dog treat wise, yes low fat is usually recommended for pancreatitis. before you feed anything you might want to check with your vet, but if you are after long lasting and low fat raw hide and roo tendons might be the answer.
    Bruce is a "dog walker in inner west Melbourne" & sells "Healthy Dog treats." My dog Archie approves of these things.

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