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Thread: Molly's issue

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    Well, Molly's 'thing' is all dried up and scabby now, not weepy at all. She's stopped licking it and it seems to be healing well. I think we may have avoided the vet this time, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on her!
    Really pleased to be reading your good news regarding Molly and poor paw !

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    The trick with wounds like this is stop the dogs licking them! The more they lick, the wetter they get and the softer the surrounding tissue becomes. This increases the diameter as well as the depth of any infections because now the skin is lovely and soft for those nasties to penetrate. Dry, dry, dry is the trick, iodine or even methylated spirits (stand back, it stings like hell but will kill any nasties and dry the tissue) and dont let the dog splash around in damp soil, puddles, etc.

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