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Thread: Pet premiums - Choice article

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    Default Pet premiums - Choice article

    Just came across this: Pet premiums - CHOICE

    It makes me feel better to know that I am not imagining some vets trying to guilt me into spending more money.

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    A vet practice manager I know - confirmed that the rate of pet ownership especially dog and cat ownership has gone down. And that affects dog clubs... We might have to do more to retain existing members because new ones aren't happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beloz View Post
    Just came across this: Pet premiums - CHOICE

    It makes me feel better to know that I am not imagining some vets trying to guilt me into spending more money.
    Beloz, I've said this before and I'll say it again ... my opinion is most vets are pretty much on par with lawyers. Their primary interest is sucking money out of people and IMO are in breach of their duty of care to animals.

    I'll give an example : Aug/Sept of 2012 my last little mate collapsed at the beach. Knowing that up until that point he was very healthy and probably one of the fittest dogs around and that there had been snakes sighted in the area I rushed him off to the emergency vet. After we got there, I spent more than an hour in the waiting room while he was in "intensive care". More than an hour after we arrived a nurse came out to ask if I consented to a venom detection kit($350). I consented. However, looking back on the situation, if those vets had any inclination that snake bite had caused his symptoms they wouldn't have waited more than an hour to do that test. It took more than another hour to be told the results were negative ... but they wanted to keep him in overnight for observations($1200) .. it was at this point that I demanded to see my dog and when I was finally allowed to he was back to his old happy self. They didn't diagnose the problem which was a heart condition, they were all about trying to suck a bit more money each time they came out to the waiting room.

    When you find a good vet that clearly has animals best interests at heart and are willing to offer different courses of action, rather than just the most expensive, treasure them and feel very lucky you're not dealing with the scum that otherwise infest the vet industry

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    During 2011, when Bernie underwent surgery to remove a torn dew claw. My vet actually asked me if i would like to consent to IV fluids at a potential cost of $200!
    I reminded my vet, that should my dog undergo surgery, without a IV canulla in situ, i will sue him for malpractice, should my dog need IV fluids, and he does not give them, i will sue him for vetenary negligence. So lets save us all the bother, and i'll take him home now thanks.

    At this point i changed vet.
    I am in the medical profession. Just because i can charge $350 per session to folks who are suffering, does not mean i do! morals and ethics are for veterinarians too methinks.
    And if i had a dollar, for every dog owner who has provided anti biotics under a vets prescription for a viral infection or fungal, id be loaded right now. Same for humans too.
    I dont trust private practitioners full stop. regardless of whom they practice on.

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