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Thread: another sick pup...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernie View Post
    what a bloody nightmare! Im sorry life is throwing canine curve balls at you.
    Dont blame yourself etc. My Dad, and my partner, have both run over my pets. Accidentally, of course, and all had the guilts.
    You bumped yours anyhow. Its a mastiff, not a yorkshire terrier!

    perscription kibble. mmmm
    change of diet coming up here for my 3, Raw is too expensive, with Pohm's op and dog 3. I'll be interested in what you find.
    lol thanks Bernie, I am glad he's a mastiff and not a yorkie, that would have been awful. On the up side, I was going to start tying him up while I back out, but he's extremely careful around the car now, sitting in front of me where I can see him and staying still while I reverse. And he hasn't set foot outside the yard when the gate is open since. I guess sometimes the hard lessons are the ones that stick..

    As for the diet, I'll keep you posted, but I'd hate to be feeding 3 dogs the stuff - at $115 something for 7.9kg (Abe needs about 500g/day) it's costing me roughly 50 bucks a week to feed the bugger. I've found it for $99 online, but postage is $25, so I'll be sticking with the convenience of buying it from the vet. If it works and he does well on it I think I'll be happy to pay $50/wk to feed him poor big boy, he just doesn't look like he's thriving atm.

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    'dhru' - how is Abe going ?

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