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    Hi guys , sorry for not being around much, life has been a tad...well yeah lol.....but just because I dont log in doesnt mean I still dont keep an eye on you all now and then

    Anywhoo , Portia at the moment has just returned from our usual local vets unable to be seen until Monday. At the time I didnt realise she had a fever of 39'2 ( bit bluddy high ) but she still seems not toooo bad in herself. As in I had noticed she was 'off' and her hives had flared and it looked like she'd returned home with two spider ? bites from a run in the fourby last night with Tonk and the OH , hence the vet run .

    After all this anyways, I used to have a chart where in times of emergencies , panadol/asprin/body weight could be used for high temps ( asprin bothers me re young dog/ulcers-inflamed tummy walls) but it seems to have come away from the inside of the dogs door and I havn't noticed. So any ideas please?

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    And tis ok, she is in for 4.30.
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    'ChoppaChop' - Panadol is a big NO NO !

    4.30pm ? Meaning booked into the vets ? If so - that is what I was going to say - vet visit or phone call.

    As she has recently come from the vets - there may other things coming into play with the high temp - so the vet is the only one I would be getting advice from for this sort of thing.

    for the pup !

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    Good luck at the vets. Hope she comes good.

    Who the hell is Choppachop anyway.....the name sounds familar LOL.

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    Paracetamol (Panadol), ibuprofen and maybe aspirin - definitely not for cats or dogs or fish - it can kill them.

    I can never remember which so don't feed any of them.

    If I was trying to get her temp down - I'd use cold water in the bath. Though high temps have their purpose - sometimes a high temp will kill the invading virus/germ as long as it doesn't go on too long.

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    Thanks all guys .

    @ Sean

    Just want to say that paracetamol is 'ok' for dogs in given situations, asprin is often used for differing canine complaints as well. I knew the cat one but not the fish one so thats had me on a good read lol. I'm kinda bed ridden ( meant to be in hospital ssssshhhhhhhhhhh!! but connived my way out of it by promising to stay in bed except for 2 visits a day out to the ED for intravenous antibiotics for pnuemonia - spelling?- so OH is shouldering some stuff at the moment ) anyways I bluddy digress......lots

    So , current situation is ; Portia has been given a quarter of a normal 250 mg (she isn't a bit overweight , she's just big boned , she is too lol ) panadol tablet to help bring temp down , more steroidals for her itchies and a watch and see over the weekend unless worse in which case back with bells on . She has not much of an appetite and is currently keeping me company here in bed

    And I'm kinda with you Hya, unless her temp rises again past what it was then the original panadol to help control will be it. I will try to let her body attempt the good fight without intervention.

    I'm a bit of a mother hen with this girl for some reason and am in no way ashamed to admit it hence why we've paid one of the girls wages for a year down at the vets
    She had just finished her second heat in what seemed a 'quick' fashion I guess and my worry was a uterine infection but well......will know more Monday unless her 'bounce' returns over weekend
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    Hi Choppa!

    I use aspirin for mine when pain relief is needed as it's a bit safer dosage-wise. But yeah, it won't bring temp down like paracetamol.

    Watch her for a split season if she seems to have finished quickly...

    Hope all is good with you gang mate. xo

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