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Thread: Stem Cells.

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    stem cells are supposed to be able to grow into any kind of cell.

    I don't know how they know if they're in a spot where cartilage normally is - grow into cartilage and if they're in a spot where an ear normally is - grow into an ear...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkandz View Post
    Grevillea my understanding of science isn't fantastic but i can try and explain what i know.

    The stem cells are a fantastic thing in that they can become other cells,in my case with Kodi they become cartilage. They were injected into the knees and elbows as the cartilage there has worn away and the stem cells will basically "regrow" new cartilage.

    The arthritis she has, as far as i understand is unrepairable and unmovable.

    I don't think that there is any cartilage in the spine so the stem cells wouldn't do anything there. (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong anyone).
    That makes sense, plus it would be dicey so near the spinal cord too.

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    Good to hear things are on the up!

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