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Thread: Boxer suddenly aggressive to our other boxer

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    Default Boxer suddenly aggressive to our other boxer

    Hi All

    I am new to this forum, I am just after some info and to make sure I'm on the right track. I have two boxers female 8yrs male 9yrs. Neither have ever been aggressive in anyway (unless it's a cat) and we have never roughed or hit our dogs. I have three children 3yrs, 18yrs and 21yrs, all has been rosey up until 2 weeks ago.

    My girl has started to attack my male. At first I thought all of a sudden she was becoming over protective of my 3yr old son but did think it was a bit strange that it's taken 3yrs for her to get like this. Last night however she attacked my male 3 times. Twice my son was not even in the same room. The first time he was laying down watching telly when my boy walked in and rushed over to him so we thought that she might have gotten a fright.

    The second time my son was in my daughters bedroom down the other end of the house, my boy walked out of my bedroom and no sooner had he gotten to the living room my girl was up and attacking him. We put her outside for 15min (time out) and made sure he was ok as he was limping on his front leg. After the 15 minutes we let her back in (my son still in his sisters room) my girl went running straight to the living room where my boy was lying and attacked him again.

    I have decided to take her to the vet as I am concerned its something medical as she is 8yrs old. I have had a few people tell me that she's just being a b*#ch and a vet can't do anything. Although I have no concerns for my sons safety (yet), I am worried it may get worse and with him being the smallest she may then target him. Am I over reacting by taking her to the vet?
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    Hi 'Roxy71' and welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to read what is going on with your pups. You are not overacting with the vet visit.

    In fact - I would be taking both of them to the vet - and both to be checked over properly - blood testing- the whole lot. Sudden onset of behavioural change must be checked out professionally.

    In the meantime, are you able to separate the dogs so they don't get a chance to fight at all ?

    If you could tell us where you live - we may be able to suggest a dog behaviorist for you that would also be helpful in these sorts of situations.

    Good Luck !

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    I am in Narangba north of Brisbane. I did have them separated however he frets terribly for her and I end up letting them back together again. I am looking at taking my boy to the vet next week as I believe he has the onset of arthritis. As my hubby is away at the moment I can't transport them both in my car in case she attacks again. I was going to take him today but swapped their appointments as I am more fearful of her aggression.

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    These are the two behaviourists that I would suggest - and in the order of the links:

    Jane Harper: Dogs On Track - Home Page

    Craig Murray: Dog School: Dog Training Brisbane Dog Training Gold Coast Dog Training Ipswich

    I would separate the dogs - a bit of grizzling is far better than a dog fight.

    In the past I have used child proof gates to separate dogs or these from bunnings - - Compost Bin Storage Cage - Bunnings Warehouse. They can still see, hear and smell the other - just can't get to them.

    Again - Good Luck!

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    I've separated them again now as she has just attacked him again. My son isn't even home today so now I know it's definitely not related to him. I will definitely check out those businesses. Thanks so much for the advice

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    Separation is for the best.

    Again - Good Luck - and hopefully you are to get answers as to why ?

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    Contact either of those trainer/behaviorsts recommended. Get her a full spectrum blood test including thryoid. Meanwhile separate them if nothig else then with some baby gates so they can see each other but she cannot hurt the male.

    I would also be tempted to get her a brain scan to see if there is not something going on up there. I know a couple of dogs who started the same behavior turned out to be a brain tumour.

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    Best of luck Roxy, I hope things work out for you and your pups.

    sorry I can't help with this but I do have a question for those that can, just out of curiousity, do or can dogs get "senile" with old age, in the way that humans do?

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    'jonbax' - answer to your question - yes - dogs also are affected by dementia as they age. As in humans - no known cure - can be sort of managed - some symptoms only - but not cured.

    A link for you:

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    Thanks Riley, I thought I'd heard something about it awhile ago.

    I suppose I could've just google it too, but wheres the fun in that

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