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Thread: Boxer suddenly aggressive to our other boxer

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    Hi Roxy71

    I like what Riley and Nekhbet wrote.

    Take both dogs to a vet. I've also encountered times where a younger dog will attack an older dog - for no apparent reason, but it ends up being a struggle to the death. So please keep them separated and keep the female dog on lead if she's in the same space as the male dog.

    Dogs are not always great at deciding what's in their own best interests - so you have to do it for them. The male dog should get over being separated, hopefully the behaviourists can give you some strategies for managing.

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    sorry it's taken so long to get back. We took our girl to the vet, her third lid is not working properly and therefore is not cleaning her eye. It appears she may have had a build up of dust in the eye and couldn't see properly. We can only assume that it was like being sight impaired and she would get a fright and then attack. We clean her eye every day for her and since then she has not attacked except for once where our male got a little over excited and knocked our son over and she gave a quick snap and growl as if to say "you idiot". Fingers crossed it stays this way. One good thing is the vet said she was one of the healthiest boxers he had seen in a while for her age and she had no other health issues and we should get a few more years out of her. That certainly makes for a happy family.

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    Oh and Jonbax many years ago my family had a poodle that suffered with dementia. I had been living away from home for 2 years and came home to visit my parents. The poodle was 21yrs at this stage and had always been a very healthy and fit dog with no other ailments. I noticed he would get confused, forget things like where to go to get outside and forget how to use the stairs. At first though I thought it was a sight problem and took him to the vet for my parents. some very expensive tests later ie brain scan, blood tests and so on they found he had dementia. My parents advised he had been this way for about 6 months but I think they were in denial. While here on holidays he had two nasty falls down the stairs and on the second one he broke his back. As much as it killed my parents, they themselves were not in a position to give him the special care he provided and I had to make the decision for them to have him put down. Now though there is a medication that dogs can be put on, I understand from what the vet told me last week that it is quite expensive and although it doesn't work in all dogs it does have a high success rate. I was starting to think this may have been what my girl was suffering with but thankfully it wasn't.

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    'Roxy71' - really pleased with your update. I also hope that the 2 of them continue to get along and no more rumbles.

    Please do not think that this is the end of it all and always supervise and intervene as quickly as possible.

    As our pups age, they become more likely to have aches and pains and things go wrong. So it up to us as owners to be watchful over our pups for these sorts of things happening. Dogs are pretty stoic and don't usually complain much - unless their name is Riley - but a sure sign that something is amiss is a sudden change in behaviour of the pup.

    Good Luck !

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