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Thread: Excitable coughing?

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    My boyfriend and I have recently adopted a 1 year old GSD X and ever since we've gotten her (2 weeks) she's had an unusual cough. We are more than likely taking her to the vets as she has a stage 2 heart murmur but just curious as to whether this has happened to any other dogs? She only ever coughs when somebody greets her outside or if she's let inside after being alone. It never happens after exercise or anything like that which would kinda explain it a bit more. Also as it has happened since we adopted her we assume that it would've happened at the shelter as well? Though we were not really told anything besides she had the stage 2 and we couldn't really treat her until she got older and it worsened... The cough goes for about a minute until she calms down.

    Thanks for your time

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    No idea.

    If it happened after exercise - I'd say maybe kennel cough which is quite common for dogs that have been in shelters - even if they have been vaccinated - because it spreads in the air and on keeper's hands and clothes, and it mutates often - so the vaccine can mean they get it less severely but still get it.

    When you do book in with the vet - mention the cough so they can provide you a separate area to wait - just in case it is kennel cough or something else infectious.

    I think the cough and the heart murmur could be related - they would both affect the dog's ability to get oxygen in the blood.

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    Yeah will definitely let the vet know ahead of time. I did think of kennel cough but it hasn't worsened at all, and like i mentioned before its only when she gets overly excited. Yeah i'm assuming it'd be linked to the murmur unfortunately, just wondered if any other dogs did the same kinda thing and if i was just over-worrying.

    Thanks for your reply

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    Hi 'maximusprime' and welcome to the forum!

    Under these circumstances that you describe - vet visit is needed and sooner than later. I would also take a video of the pup doing this to enable the vet to have as much information as possible with your visit. Sometimes our descriptions to the vet tend to get a bit lost.

    Who has told you that your pup has grade 2 heart murmur ? Do you have something from a vet to state that this is a problem with your pup ?

    Regardless - I would be off to a vet ASAP and get all of this sorted out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RileyJ View Post
    Hi '[COLOR=#3E3E3E] I would also take a video of the pup doing this to enable the vet to have as much information as possible with your visit. Sometimes our descriptions to the vet tend to get a bit lost.
    Like Riley said, having a video of the problem is a great way for a vet to see and understand the problem. I did that with my last dog Jack who had a few coughing fits.

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    Took Roxy to the vet today and the vet has gone with canine cough for now and see how she goes on the antibiotics and if it doesn't clear up she'll have to get more tests on her heart. The vet at the Animal Welfare League had diagnosed her with the heart murmur while she was checked at the shelter, the vet we saw said he could not hear any murmur today but we are seeing a more senior vet on Friday and seeing what she thinks.

    Fingers crossed it is just kennel cough and the antibiotics treat her, thanks for your input

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    'maximusprime' - really pleased that you have taken your pup to the vet.

    Sometimes with lower level heart murmurs - some pups can grow out of it - and others not.

    Good Luck ! Your pup is getting the best care via you and the vet.

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