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Thread: Think i finally know whats wrong with Dodge's fur!

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    Default Think i finally know whats wrong with Dodge's fur!

    So someone mentioned to me that they have a fawn Kelpie with the same patchy, thin fur that Dodge has, and their dog has been diagnosed with Colour Dilution Alopecia. Apparently its a somewhat rare genetic disease that only effects dogs with unusual coat colours (blue, fawn, etc)

    Here are some links to info about it

    Color Dilution Alopecia | Dermatology for Animals

    Colour Dilution Alopecia - WikiVet

    colour dilution alopecia

    I'll talk to the family about it tomorrow and see what they think (apparently there is no effective treatment so my family might not want to spend money to try and get a diagnosis)
    I know i've been talking about Dodge's health a lot lately, but her fur has thinned out a large amount in the past month, and the website seems to indicate that the disease is progressive and gets worse with age.
    What do you think? Have i finally discovered what is causing Dodge's unusual fur?

    These are two dogs who have the disease
    derma_03.JPG alopecia1.jpg

    And here's Dodge
    Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.14.30 PM.jpg
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    I guess you're going to have to knit the dodge some jumpers.

    My cousin has something like this - he's gone all piebald. some bits of him are just white - skin, hair, everything. Not sure if there are bald patches as well - will have to check.

    I've got one white patch on the top of my head - but - it has the same amount of hair as the rest of my head - just white. Always been that way.

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