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Thread: Need help with sudden change in Puppy, please help!

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    Exclamation Need help with sudden change in Puppy, please help!

    A have a 5 month old Staffy x Kelpie that is a playful gal who loves nothing more than a game of fetch. I fed her one morning like usual, everything was normal, and then i went to work for my 4 hour shift. when i got back she was not so playful, she was quiet and slow-moving (she usually jumps up and never stands still) and she has a lot of saliva in her mouth, and also hanging down like drool ( she NEVER drools) i've checked inside her mouth and its like, brown. it looks as if shes been eating dirt because its caked to the root of her mouth. Would this be the reason shes like this, or is it something more serious? Please i help with this, she's my baby girl and i need to know if she's gonna be okay. Thanks

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    Go to the vet and take a sample of what was in her mouth

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    She could have eaten something poisonous like a cane toad, or a rat bait in a steak, or dug up an old bone and then inhaled it and now it's stuck in her lungs.

    I can't think of anything good - so hopefully you've taken her to a good vet and they're checking it out. Why do these things always happen on Sundays.

    And this would be yet another reason my dog stays locked inside when I'm out. Sad it's come to this.

    PS she may also have caught a wasp or bee in her mouth...

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