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Thread: alternatives to black hawk for dog with itchy skin

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    Default alternatives to black hawk for dog with itchy skin

    Hi guys
    My puppy has developed dry, flaky, itchy skin while on black hawk.

    Is there any other brands that would be good to try her on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sona71 View Post
    Hi guys
    My puppy has developed dry, flaky, itchy skin while on black hawk.

    Is there any other brands that would be good to try her on?
    We have recently started using a holistic dog food on some of my dogs. One in particularly we have tried on several foods and can't put weight on her and her skin has been terrible. On this new food she is putting on weight and her coat is doing well.

    It is called Next Generation. It retails for $70 for a 20 kg bag. We sell it through our online pet store - don't know where you are, but we are in Brisbane - if you are interested

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    Are you sure it's the food - and not some seasonal change in the environment - something flowering or shedding pollen or seed fluff that is setting
    your dog off?

    The bow house has the best range of healthier dog food I've seen - but your best option might be an elimination diet, and some allergy testing in consultation with a nutritionist who specialises in dog nutrition.
    Food for your Dog Bowhouse - Naturally, Because We Care ....

    And this maybe should be a separate thread since this one is about black hawk - I will see if I can make that happen.

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    "My puppy has developed dry, flaky, itchy skin while on black hawk."

    I have spent a bit of time analysing pellet foods ... and Just wondering.

    Which blackhawk version did you use? Chicken or lamb? Some dogs will have sensitivities to some meats, just as they can to some grains.

    Rice is the major carb ingredient, and most dogs seem ok with that.

    They say they use canola oil for "Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for a healthy coat."

    If you look this oil up you will see that the Omega 3 version is ALA which needs to convert to DHA and EPA before it can be further used. Then again this is the same for any grain based oil that is used for Omega 3.

    Insufficent Essential fatty acids and the wrong ratio of O6 to O3 can lead to dry flaky skin etc. You may find if your dogs lack of essential fatty acids is due to the source of omega 3, it will be the same with almost all dog pellet brands. You may need to do some reserach on this and consider adding Omega 3 fish capsules to your dogs diet (in the right amounts.

    Good luck
    Bruce is a "dog walker in inner west Melbourne" & sells "Healthy Dog treats." My dog Archie approves of these things.

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    I too had skin issues with BH, and my dogs eat most anything else happily.

    But if you can get it I would recommend Canidae as an alternative. I used it when we were minding a little dog with sensitive skin and had very good results.

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    That's very interesting ... I thought Black Hawk was designed to avoid the itchy skin/irritables?
    I guess every dog is different.

    Have you (or anyone) tried the new flavour - fish and potato (I think it is)? No rice in there?

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    If you start looking online, you'll find it is reasonably common with BH. I asked about it when it happened - and it was a pretty drastic reaction my dogs had - and was not offered much advice from a rep, they seemed to think I was probably feeding it wrong... But I have heard, seen and read a great many reports of skin issues linked to BH. I wouldn't try it again.
    I also heard from a cat person about several instances of urinary stones linked to feeding it to cats too.

    I wouldn't care so much (yes every animal is different etc) except for the head in the sand attitude of anyone affiliated with BH. No matter how many times the issue it raised it is ignored or dismissed or owners are blamed for feeing wrong quantities etc. Then it is still flogged as the best thing since sliced bread.

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    Molly's skin went from being dry and flaky to being wonderful when I started feeding her BH guess every dog is different!

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    'Sona71' - Riley has this dry food below for part of his meals now - so maybe have a look at it and see what you think:

    Natures Goodness Grainfree+ - V.I.P. Petfoods.

    It is comparative price wise to BH - unless it is on special at Woolies - and as Riley is now 'an only lonely' - I am finding it a better buy in the smaller kg bags - because it stays fresher for him.

    Riley also gets heaps of other stuff in his meals - fish particularly - so he has never just been on dry food alone.

    Also dry flaky skin - could not only be caused by a food problem/reaction - but can also happen if you are washing your pup too often and/or not washing out all of the shampoo/conditioner that you are using.

    Most of the time - it is trial and error before you get the right food that your pup does well on - and that you are happy to pay for.

    Happy Hunting !

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    I was thinking about changing over to Black Hawk as it's an Australian company and thought I might change it up for my boy, but now after reading this I'm thinking twice.

    I do highly recommend Artemis though- which is what I feed my boy now (adult formula). His skin used to be dry, flaky, no shine and his hair seemed thin. He's been on this for approx 15 months and everyone comments on his coat. I work at a vet hospital and, although I have not come across many cats/dog who eat this brand of food, the ones that do eat it look amazing!

    Have you changed anything else besides your pups diet? Shampoo, washing powder etc etc? They can also be culprits...

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