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Thread: Water deprivation test

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    Thanks Sean.

    I think we finally have a breakthrough with Mini. She has stopped drinking as much water, she will wait 30-40 minutes for a pee, and they are not water clear anymore and actually have a faint pee smell to them. She is not leaking while playing. She is still a little in her sleep. So I think the antibiotics and salt are finally working. We have three days left of antibiotics and another 10 on immune booster, and indefinite on adding salt to her meals until her "gradient" returns to her kidneys. So at the moment things are looking up. Looks like she still has poor control, but she knows when she wants to go now and will whine at the back door to go outside.

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    She's definately got eyes to draw love!
    It sounds very like humans get with kidney damage. And whilst biopsies can cause tissue damage, you can live with only 1 kidney!
    anti biotics are treating opportunistic infections. Not the cause of kidney and therefore bladder issues. Sounds like you vet suspects early poisoning by anti freeze
    providing the kidneys are not scarred, they will heal.
    Once scarring has occured, the tissue cannot heal. Hence anti biotic Amoxyclav. Amoxycillan a broad spectrum anti biotic when the Dr/Vet does not know what the infection pathogen is. Not the best drug for urine infection however. Wonder why vet chose this?

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    Not the best drug for urine infection however. Wonder why vet chose this
    He might have chosen something different because of the previous course of antibiotics didn't sort the problem and because these ones might help with kidney infections. Only way to be really sure you pick the right antibiotic - is to take samples and grow them. Meanwhile the dog gets sicker.

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