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Thread: Tips to help dog lose weight?

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    Default Tips to help dog lose weight?

    Kimba needs to lose 5-10kg but I'm really struggling to get her to budge it. She is on a strict diet for heath reasons and is not given anything outside of it. All dogs are fed separately.
    She is even locked outside now whenever we go out as we caught her stealing and burying food.

    I take her for a walk around the block every day and at least every second day I take her and Bear out for an off leash walk/run or swim.
    I thought it was ok until I really started watching what she was doing. She will run from the car and play fight with Bear for a minute & then I usually stand where Bear is playing to supervise him and she wanders off and just sniffs and rolls in things. Bear loves to aimlessly run so he usually has my attention as I know she doesn't get into trouble.

    I tried calling her over to us and she just stands with me. She hates water so has no interest in swimming and doesn't play with us 'just because' like Bear does.
    She does not play with toys, balls or sticks (absolutely zero interest in them). She does have a high prey drive and used to chase rabbits on our walks but I have stopped her from doing that.

    The only way I think I can get her to lose weight is to take her for long walks but I'm still recovering from a badly sprained ankle so its not an option at the moment.
    I've looked into a dog walker but there is nothing suitable in the area as they are all younger kids/teens. She is a 30kg dog and I can't risk someone younger not having control over her.

    Are there any ways to help her get more active and lose some weight?

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    Will she run next to a bike, on or off lead? Can you use her prey drive to get her to play fetch with a ball? Excercise is probably the easiest way IMO

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    what about a treadmill?

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    Can she eat carrots, or diluted frozen yogurt ie mix yogurt with a fair bit of water and freeze as ice blocks...

    These things fill a dog up and hopefully there's less foraging.

    Otherwise, all I can think of is teaching her some sort of game that involves a lot of running for her and not for you. Like fetch, or round the poles, or crate to crate games (you can use mats instead of crates).

    Trick training - uses a lot of mental energy for the dog but doesn't need the handler to be running and if you can reward with a tug or thrown ball - that is calorie free.

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    What about a samll fluffy toy that looks like rabbit attatched to a fishing rod cast out retrieve quickly she might chase that.

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    Everyone will have an opinion on this, and this is just IMHO.

    "The only way I think I can get her to lose weight is to take her for long walks but I'm still recovering from a badly sprained ankle so its not an option at the moment. "

    I am a dog walker, and I know the value of having someone responsible, who is a real business with insurance backing them. If you cant walk the dog yourself, see if you can get a friend/ neighbour and pledge to walk their dog equal amounts when you recover. Just standing in one spot wont be the same mentally as a pack walk in one direction either. If you throw a ball over and over they can get obsessed and turn away from being social with other dogs. Dogs can learn to run besides bikes and use treadmills etc. If you want to learn that, great. I will always stick with long off lead walks, with other dogs around or rabbit tracks to chase, but that's just me.

    Diet wise, I believe in a meat or animal product based diet. I would not feed a dog carrots, peas or spinach any more than I would feed a rabbit a steak. Be aware that diary products with lactose can make your dog sick.

    With the diet you can convert them to a raw diet and measure everything. When they are hungry after a meal their are long chewing treats that are natural meat and not man made such as roo tendons and bully sticks. Keeping their weight right is tricky and takes practice but its the balance between walks and diet. Good luck...
    Bruce is a "dog walker in inner west Melbourne" & sells "Healthy Dog treats." My dog Archie approves of these things.

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