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Thread: What's the best way to get a dog to spew?

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    Default What's the best way to get a dog to spew?

    So lately Brock has started finding toadfish/pufferfish and bringing them back up to me. I've been lucky so far that he hasn't actually tried to eat one but I'm concerned that there's every chance one day he will. What's the best thing I can carry with me to induce vomiting in a dog? I do intend to talk to the vets about this in the coming days anyway, just thought i'd throw the question out there as if nothing else it may help some other peopel who take their dogs to the beach and haven't thought of the risk of dogs eating poisonous fish.

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    mmj - if you're at the beach - pouring about half a cup of salty water (straight from the sea - not too much sand please), down a dog's throat will usually bring on vomiting.

    But if they've swallowed something with one way spikes like a puffer fish or squid jag - vomiting makes the problem worse and may not get you the puffer fish out either.

    Pouring salty water down a dog's throat, right after he's had his mouth around a puffer fish - may discourage him from picking one up again. I stopped Frosty from eating clothes pegs that way. And it was a bit mean - cos she hadn't actually swallowed the peg. Though - knowing what I know now, that was probably a good thing.

    Meantime - I'm not game to go near our beaches because we've had loads of dead ones wash up in some horrible mass die off. If I did, she would not be getting off lead cos she likes foraging way too much and the risk is far too high.

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    Yes, the salt water does the trick, but I also remember getting some crystals in my dog first aid course that you are meant to give a dog to encourage vomiting. Someone local told me you can get the same thing in bulk from supermarkets .. not sure of the tech name for them, sorry ..
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    Ipecac syrup definitely and I think potassium permanganate chrystals from memory.

    I used to carry ipecac syrup on the beach in case my dog ingested a poisonous seaslug. I did use it once and it had the desired effect although it took a little while and she was fine.

    It is good to take this seriously, I lost a young dog to a poisonous sea slug, I didnt have the syrup on me that time and I kept off the beach and in the sand dunes but unfortunately she somehow got hold of one and we couldnt save her despite medical intervention.

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    The best way to make a Bulldog spew.......make them watch Sonny Bill Williams score tries for the Roosters !! (NRL joke ladies)...

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    hardehahaha Sean :P
    i vaguely remember being told epsom salts if they swallowed snail/rat poison?? i guess thats the same as the salty water though. hopefully you never need to use it!

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