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Thread: Dog vasectomy Perth??

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    Question Dog vasectomy Perth??

    Hi everyone,

    A quick 'about me' - live in Perth, have 2 dogs, 1x staffy X lab (female, not fixed, 4yo) and 1x 3x4 American bulldog 1/4 boxer (male, not fixed (yet), 6 months old).

    We want to get our male fixed as we don't want him knocking up his 'sister', however we like the look of him having his balls (he's going to be a big dog, short hair. He needs all his junk hangin between his legs!!).

    Now I've tried searching around but I can't find anywhere that does dog vasectomies, I know most people/vets recommend castration because that then helps with behaviour etc etc but we don't want to do that unless we have to.

    I've heard a rumour that there is a vet down near Applecross that does these? Just thought I'd ask around on here if anyone knows anywhere before I start ringing through the phone book!

    Thanks :-)

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    There is a good vet in Applecross that works with a lot of the dog breeding community I think, so would probably be fairly experienced in all things reproductive. I would just ring the Applecross clinic and find out if they do vasectomies.

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    Why don't you just get the bitch desexed instead?

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    I'm pretty sure you can get prosthetic balls.. Maybe even get a bigger size?

    Might be worth looking into that way you can have the best of both worlds.

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    I second about getting the bitch desexed - that way not only does your dog not knock her up - none of the neighbourhood fence jumpers can either, and no trails of red slime every time she comes into season.

    You won't find who does what from their websites - you will actually have to phone and ask. You may also find the RSPCA or AWL (do they have AWL in Perth) can recommend a good vet for delicate surgery in that area. They do puppies at 8 weeks old, mine (from AWL) has an extremely neat and tidy scar - so I'm thinking that vet had a lot of practice in surgery on very small puppies, so they could do something delicate like a vasectomy or prosthetics.

    Personally I think sticking out dog nuts are ugly. Which might be another reason why I prefer bitches.

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