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Thread: Something has happened to my dog's eye?

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    Exclamation Something has happened to my dog's eye?

    I don't have pictures as of yet, but I will try soon.

    Basically there is a pink sort of skin flap in the corner of the dogs eye, it looks as if it has been stretched up and she cannot barely open her eye. She was chasing my horse through long grass today so I'm not sure if that caused it or what. In the attached picture it sort of shows what I mean.


    I would prefer not to take her to the vet, unless of course it really is serious and she needs some sort of medication of something - Should I take her anyway? Or should I wait until tomorrow and if it hasn't healed a little then take her then? Also the horse didn't kick her so it couldn't be that.

    Any suggestions? Thankyou!

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    I'm no expert emcne, but I'd be getting veterinary advice if it hasn't resolved by tomorrow.

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    'emcne16' - I really can not see anything with the photo that you have put up ! It really could be anything !

    BUT - regardless - there would be very few things - health wise - that I would ask for advice on a forum - and this would definitely be one of them !

    If this was my pup - as it is Sunday night - as long as the pup was comfortable and the eye was not irritating the pup too much - I would wait until morning before I made an appointment to see the vet.

    A vet visit is essential for something like this !

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    I only really have realized now how bad it is, I would've taken her today but it was too late. Tommorrow morning if there is no or little change she is definitely going. I was just wondering if anyone knew what I could do in the mean time. Thank you both!

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    'emcne16' - just keep her quiet - and good luck with the vet visit in the morning.

    Please take her to the vet in the morning !

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    She could have damaged her eyeball or third eyelid, the skin that stretches over the eyeball (nictitating membrane it's officially called) eyes always require veterinary attention

    as for chasing the horse, I would discourage that, one swift kick from a horse can shatter a dogs skull, especially of shod.

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