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Thread: Blackdog Dog bones

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    my butcher saves me pigs ears. He cuts em off and puts them in to smoke with his bacon. I won't buy the packaged pet shop ones after giving her these.

    he also throws in all sorts of raw goodies for her. I've never had a problem.
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    This forum sounds like it is divided between people who swear by them or think they are lethal.

    A disclaimer - I sell these on-line on my site, as cheap as you will buy anywhere. Everyone knows not to feed dogs small cooked bones because they splinter, but a lot of people prefer large oven dried bones because they are not as messy and the process can make the bone slightly softer than raw and so not wreck a hard core chewers teeth.

    My dog wont eat the big bones, but he has a soft retrievers mouth. I decided to test the pork bone and the roo bone out with a rottweiler that I know lives near my, I videoed him eating the bones and put these on my site as an instructional video.

    The reality for bones is the same as for toys, If you cant trust your dog to do the right thing (its a puppy or a guts) then you have to supervise or only give soft treats.

    The bones are oven dried, there are no additives. I wish people who randomly voice their concern over these things would check their facts before writing their concerns.

    The rottweiler in the video does chomp the bones, and they do break along the long part of the bone, is that a "splinter" or is that just a dramatic word to whip up a frenzy in here? I would maybe not feed a staffy these bones, unless I really knew that dog, because some dogs just don't care how fast they eat and will choke on almost anything you give them.

    Feeding and dog treat feeding is experience and common sense. Do what you think is right. By the way a dog will bury the bones in the wild and in your backyard, they may also become dry, depending on the soil. At least bones are a lot more natural than what most people feed dogs as their main meal (main made pellets or canned foods).

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