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Thread: Masticular Myositis

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    Smile Masticular Myositis

    My German Shepherd was yelping in pain 2 weeks ago we took her to emergency hospital in Melbourne did full blood test and was given prednisone and working diagnosis myositis, when we opened her jaw she would cry. We saw our vet and dropped the dose from 80 mg a day to 40 mg a day she seemed happier but yesterday relapsed and not her usual self it is painful to see her just sit around the house so sad. Increased urinating, panting and increased appetite and her tongue has turned a dark pink.. we are seeing a specialist on Tuesday to discuss what our options are. Muscle biopsy will cost about $1500 to do to confirm she has this condition. Prednisone has good effects for her but we cannot sit and watch her health deteriorate as her immune system is stopped. Please help we are maybe looking at her taking supplements, she is taking multivitamins. Maybe some natural supplements to help her such as. I am giving her iron tablets as well. I was reading about holistic vets who can help with this? What about acupuncture? Is she going to survive this and how long will it take before she gets off the prednisone before it destroys her body. Any suggestions welcome
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    This Vet is supposed to be very good - I have never met her but comes recommended
    by my Vet who I trust with my life:-
    So sorry for you, such a terrible thing to see your dog suffering. Hugsxx

    Name Margaret O’Riordan
    Qualifications MVB Dublin, VetMFHom, DipHom, CVA (Vet Acup), Cert IAVH
    Practice name Animal Natural Health
    Address 160 Collins St, Thornbury, Vic 3071
    Work phone numbers (03) 94801823
    Work email
    Web address
    Modalities practised Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Western Herbs, Nutrition, Bowen Massage, Bach flower Essences
    Species treated Mainly Small animals, 10% Farm Animals/Horses

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