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Thread: Mojo's in the issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    Sean it sounds like Mojo has exactly what Portia does! We are weeks down the path now and still battling them

    We did the antibiotics and antihistamines , the baths with Pyohex and conditioner ( leaving that on - not rinsing ) We havr racked our brains trying to eliminate all that was introduced at the same time as she got them , and to be honest,there isn't a whole lot.

    Currently she is on cortisoide tablets, started with 2 a day for 5 days then one a day.

    But though the itching has somewhat improved , the lumps/spots themselves havnt. Our vet wants her back this week if she still has them,she's done scrapings but she wants to send away some samples.

    Its awful because I cant fix it...I dont know how
    Oh no...that's not cool Choppa..hope you guys have a win soon

    I've just got back from the vets with Mojo and it seems we are slowly but surely winning with the antibiotics. Theres no new one and the exiting ones are slowly healing.
    We are continuing for 2 more weeks then hopefully that it. BUT......if we stop the antibiotics and they return well then we need to come up with a new game plan. This bloody rain wont stop and it making it hard to wash him properly and then trying to keep him dry aswell.

    The only new thing in his environment is a extra wet backyard...but its impossible to say if that what contributed or started the problem. Frustrating hey ?!?!?!?!

    LOL...believe it or not we finally had a win with the weight scales laying down half on half off or paws still on the grond or refusing to stay still...after 2 minutes of craziness he actually sat still like a bloody dog and the numbers came to a stop for longer than a split second !!! 46.5 kg's , a bit less than i thought he was but finally a definant weight. We where all amazed he actually sat still for the first time at the vets since he was a little puppy.

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    Good luck to the big fella xx

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    Glad to hear you have some improvement with him! Fingers crossed it doesn't flare up again after the antibiotics.

    And hell yes! Frustrating to the max! I have even found myself in a shop off in la;la land trying to think of strange new things or triggers lol
    It's driving us batty and there is no way I can show her whilst she has it .
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