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Thread: A Fatal Case of Immune Mediated Haemolitic Anaemia (IMHA)

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    'GreyGirl' - Keep up the excellent care that you, your family and your vet are giving Lucky. It is just nearly only a month since you wrote that Lucky had been first diagnosed with IMHA – and look at all the improvements that have happened since that first day.

    Have a look at these links – and maybe email them to see what they suggest regarding feeding or suggestions on supplements for Lucky - to give her a boost to her system:

    Feeding Raw Bones

    Augustine Approved - The Brand

    Make sure your vet knows exactly what you are doing – and supervises if you are going to make any changes to her diet.

    Also have a look at this link – it is a UK based website – there are heaps of people that have had dogs with IMHA.

    Canine Immune Mediated Disease Awareness

    As you said in your post – there have been heaps of positives – so focus on those. This is a set back – that is all – and hopefully with the ultrasound and second opinion – you will find the answers that you all need and the news will be better for you all.

    Again - Heaps and Heaps of
    Wishes and

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    Grey girl

    Given her immune system is not working at the moment - I would try to keep her in as clean as environment as possible. ie as few germs as possible. Because it will be really easy for her to pick up any germ around and then get sick from that (infected). So for me - if it was my dog - jumping in the pond would be out (way too many germs in there). Sunbaking on a clean towel for short periods of time (not more than 10 minutes) would be in as the sun kills lots of germs.

    And I'd consider giving her foods that have natural antibiotic or good biotic properties - eg honey and maybe yogurt in small amounts. And I'd try to make sure her bed and any place she sleeps is very clean all the time. Lavendar oil (1/4 teaspoon in half a litre of water in a misting bottle) might help. And I'd be giving her food on plates that have been cleaned in the dish washer or very very hot water.

    Definitely ask the vet about what to do to reduce the chances of her getting more infections from where she lives and what she eats.

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    Thanks so much everyone! I bring more fantastic news...
    Earlier this week Lucky had a huge downfall. She stopped eating all of a sudden and just lay there doing nothing. She also vomited a couple of times It was so scary. We didn't think she was going to last the night, so we took into the emergancy vet. They're a different vet - the one we were going to get a second opinion from - and they looked at her blood test results, listened to what she'd been through and examined her. The vet said she deals with roughly one IMHA case per month... and we thought it was rare! She said she suspected Lucky had stomach olsers by all her vomiting and saw that she had mouth olsers. She suspected it was because of the combination of medication she was on. So she kept her in for the following three days. She ran another blood test, and the results were almost normal! Her red cell count was in the high 40's! The vet did give a reason why the other test all over the shop, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Tonight we brought Lucky home, and she's eating again and she isn't vomiting. Her medication has changed dramatically. I really think this vet actually knows what she is doing! It's looking good... but she said Lucky will probably have to be on medication for the rest of her life. I think it's only in small doeses something like once a week in the end.
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