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    My son still lives at home but works away so isn't here all of the time so we baby sit his dog British bulldog.
    I am getting hopefully this weekend my little boy Papillion.
    So my question is where do you buy you dog food from?
    My son's British Bulldog is fed Advance dry dog food recommended by her breeder.
    The breeder of my Papillion has recommended Supercoat Puppy dry dog food and cobber dry dog biscuits...
    So obviously I am looking to grab a bargain where I can and save money. I begrudge buying at a pet store...
    Oh and I'm in brassy.....

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    I buy my food though my step fathers mother who is a breeder and gets breeder prices. My two are normally on advance.

    If I don't buy from her I'll go to city farmers (there are a heap around brissy) or produce places. It all depends what you want to feed though.

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    I usually either go to the cheapest pet shop around, or to the local farm produce stores, they're always pretty cheap. Otherwise, if i find a shop that has a really good special on, i will buy two or three 20kg bags even if i don't need it!

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