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Thread: Homemade dog food

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    Okay so I have been doing some more research and I know that cooking it would be as good as giving raw. Like most of you said I should just introduce it slowly to their diets. But I'm so confused on how to feed them a raw diet. Is anyone able to explain this to me as simply as possible?
    Also I've looked into BARF and I want to know a few things, when feeding them BARF do you just give them that or do you have to add other things to do (veg etc) and is it cheaper to do a raw diet yourself, like make your own raw food instead of buying BARF?

    Thanks chubbsecurity for the recipe. Still a little confused on the raw diet thing but I'm going to keep researching and hopefully be able to understand soon.

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    Hi 'kittykaila', maybe I missed it - but how old are your dogs and what breed are they ? If they are young and you suddenly change their diet drastically - then they will have upset tummies. It takes time for them to get used to any changes.

    Any changes to diet should be - as '
    Nekhbet' said - done very slowly and with small quantities to start with !

    A couple of places to look at:

    Dr Bruces Vets All Natural - Natural Pet Products, Healthy Pets - Home

    There are other food type threads on this forum - so have a good look around.

    Good Luck !

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    My male (Zeus) will be 3 in April and my female (Lacey) will be 2 in April. They are both chihuahuaXpomeranians.

    If I feed BARF and use Vets All Natural Complete Mix do I need to use Vets All Natural raw meat or can I put my own raw meat in it? I mean this seems like the easiest, safest option (introducing it slowly of course). I am getting very confused on all the information, I think it's information overload. But I do think that the BARF Vets All Natural Complete Mix is the easiest way.

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    I'm not that much of an expert. I chose the easiest option for us which is pet mince (from the pet store or the butcher) and the VAN supplement.

    I thought BARF was a brand name and that they sell complete meals? I find it too expensive though.

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    So I can use the VAN dry mix and just put my own meat in it? Because using the VAN dry mix and the VAN meat works out to be very expensive in the long run.

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    Yes - you can put your own meat with it - but I never use 'pet mince' from pet stores nor butchers. I use human grade mince only from a butcher that I trust and I know exactly what he is mincing up.

    As far as cost - I would have thought by the size of your pups - that it wouldn't cost that much to feed them on a daily/weekly basis.

    But then it's all relative isn't it ? I feed an adult GSP !

    So try butchers and chicken places (Leonards), buy in bulk and freeze meal sizes and see how you go.

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    Well, I mean it doesn't cost that much to feed them :P But still, keeping costs down is always a plus!
    So I will start to introduce this new raw diet. But no beef because as far as I can tell poor Zeus is allergic to beef.
    Wish me luck!
    And thank you to everyone who gave me advice.

    Just a quick note, you can freeze the VAN dry mix with the meat right? Or do I have to make that according to portion size on a daily basis?

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    I would freeze the meat in individual meal sizes and then just make up a couple of days of the VAN and keep it in the fridge in a covered container.

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    You know, I only just read the advice on the VAN website about soaking the dry mix for 24 hours! I just add hot water and let it stand for a few minutes. Then add the mince, and that's it. But I'm sure it would be ok to freeze.

    If you use human grade mince, you should at least add organs. And for some reason I don't really get, my cat bluntly refuses to eat human grade mince (!) and my dog also seems to prefer the pet mince. Maybe something to do with the fat content? Pet mince also tends to be more irregular in texture? Some butchers will tell you exactly what goes into their mince. Others just put in whatever they need to get rid off. I found the pet mince from Deli Pet pretty consistent. It does have a small amount of preservative in it. If I haven't been able to get to the pet store I will sometimes buy the supermarket pet mince, but I do know it has way too high levels of preservatives.

    I pay $6 per kilo for our pet mince. My dog weighs 23kilos so gets about 450grams a day.

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