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    Rotten ruddy hot spots!! Have seen 1 , 2 up to 4/5 even...but pert near covered from head to tail ?? *sigh* Vet told us to keep doing what we were doing , bathing,drying,creaming any open sore ones and phenergan . Said it would probably end up needing clipping around the affected areas if it worsened. Well the sores havnt worsened but the hives/spots themselves seem to be mulitplying at a rapid rate.

    I have honestly never seen anything like it! At first I thought she was having a reaction of some kind but nothing had changed,same diet,same cleaning products ....So back to the vets to sedate her to clip her. Trust me,she will need to be sedated lol!! In the meantime,anyone have any tried and proven tricks with hot spots ?
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    'ChoppaChop' - hot spots for me with GSPs - usually meant I was feeding them with food that had heaps of preservatives and food colouring in their diet.

    Maybe something you need to look at ?

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    This may sound odd but I have used
    Betadine (once only, then could not catch Mr.Snoopy as he would run a mile as soon as the cap was off)
    Manuka Honey (last summer ) easier, no dog chasing required but kept licking it off
    Coconut Oil (this summer) dog chasing me as soon as the lid was off

    And as RileyJ said - skin problems come from within - so a raw diet would be good plus
    Fish Oil
    Vit C
    Cooked garlic clove daily
    This is just what I do at home, thanks to advice from a local Holistic Vet.
    Hoping it gets better for you soon.

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    My parents have had a lot of trouble with their golden for the last 8 years, every time she gets wet, she gets hot spots, I think it's different things that set different dogs off. They have tried all the creams from the vet but nothing ever worked, I think the key to hotspots is to dry them out yet cream keeps them moist. One thing that they swear by is the isocol rubbing alcohol, in the green bottle that you buy from the supermarket, it kills all the germs and dries the hotspot out. Just put it in a spray bottle and spray onto the hotspot

    Good luck! They can be very frustrating

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    Thanks guys

    I feed mainly raw but I leave bikkies down at all times as neither of the dogs are very fond of any of the brands. But the one thing that was introduced,Goodo's , she quite liked them, but I had crossed it off because even after stopping them the spots kept on appearing.

    I'ts amazing , I truley have never seen anything like it ,they cover her head like nothing I've ever witnessed not to mention the rest of her.

    I'm using a cortisone based cream (morning) and a Medical cream with an antiseptic plus a numbing agent . I'm trying hard to keep hethem dry but as the vet said the muggy weather is the worst thing for it. They have had many cases come in this year.

    At this rate she will end up with a full body clip

    And Chubbs she also does a runner when she see's the tubes coming out of the medicine cabinet lol! Riley maybe it was the Goodo's but then I'd of thought they would be improving instead of multiplying as I stopped them straight away.

    Kristy I know,a catch 22 situation, needing to keep them dry but then the cream stops it from airing , you're right , it is so ruddy frustrating .

    I will try to upload some photos of her .
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    Yep - Goodo's will do it ! You would be better giving her the box they came in instead !

    It will take a couple of weeks for all the crap to get out of her system, so as you are seeing - even though you have stopped them, her immune system has been affected - hence more hotspots.

    Try some probiotics - cold section in the supermarket - this has more in it than plain yoghurt - which she needs now. Also a lot of pups have a very bad reaction to grain in their diets - so this would be something else I would be looking at long term.

    Why are you bothering leaving biccies down for them - if they are not keen on them ? Riley gets fed twice a day and that is it. If he gets a bone - then that is in the meal allowance and he can happily chew on that for as long as he likes - or he can go and hide it somewhere and have it for 'afters' !

    Can't wait to see the photos of the 'poor spotty pup' !

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    Absolutely - no self service bikkies.

    This is an awful mistake that I made with both Ozzy and Chubb.
    I so wish I could turn the clock back. (knowing what I know now)

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    I bath my guys in apple cider vinegar and borax..
    Infact, my girl that is currently in pup has a couple on her back
    and this keeps them under control..
    I just tip the vinegar in a bucket,pour prob half the bottle
    tip in a load of the borax and fill bucket with water.
    I sponge the stuff on her the entire lot and then let her go.
    I do this in the morning and then in the afternoon I wash it off.
    I have always used this method and it has always worked for me.

    In the heat that we just had, I was hosing dogs down 3 to 4 times a day
    They were panting so bad the poor babies I had no choice..

    Apparently there are 2 types of borax..I use the one that is in the cleaning isle
    of the super market..Be VERY careful as the other type can be toxic.

    I would probably shave your dog if you have been told to and start washing in this.
    Do a mild mix if the spots are open wounds..

    I sometimes also tip in a heap of betadine that I purchase from my HorseWorld supply
    shop but can get from a produce..

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    Thanks Lucky! I will keep that one in mind.

    But as for now...
    OK , so it's not hot spots. It's a severe allergic reaction to 'something' . Vet has taken scrapings and I now have to work out how to get 2 Prednisone and 3 quarters of an antibiotic tablet ( that looks like a bloody horse tablet) down her throat twice a day . The first lot wasn't too bad,went and bought a BBQ chook....but she's so finicky with food at the moment that after a few lumps of chicken she turned her nose up. Somehow I can see me coating the rotten things in honey and give the Gator Boys a run for their money . *sigh* now to work out just what the hell it was/is she's allergic to. Oh and add to that a bath in Pyo and then a rinse/conditioner of Pyo that stays on.

    I'll be lucky to get anywhere near her if I have anything at all suss in my hand by the end of the week

    ps; still searching for my ruddy camera cable to upload photos.
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    Choppa, what is Pyo?

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