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Thread: Hot Spots

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    Sorry Grev , Pyohex shampoo and conditioner
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    Good luck with it Choppa

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    Well we still have spots

    The sides of her face ,top of her head and down her back thighs seems affected most. She's on tablets for the itching but was wondering if there was a 'kinder' shampoo/rinse to help with it .

    oh and edited to add - Tonka is not affected at all.
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    Sounds like you have a very hard case, and its great how people are rallying around to help you in here.

    My dog had hot spots once, but he is poodle variety (which can get a lot of skin allergies). I used to feed him on pellets for the first year of his life, but now have him on a raw diet. Others sound like they may be right, restricting all man made foods for your dog until this is solved.

    I remember reading that hotspots were once believed to be caused by fleas etc, but I think it was my dogs reaction to both additives in foods and grass. He has been good for the last few years because of daily feeding Omega 3 in capsule form (though it takes 3-4 months to work through their system).

    A lot of people have already given you soothing remedies here, and they seem very knowledgeable. All I can tell you is that around here a few people recommend the paw paw cream in the red containers. That helped my guy a little bit.

    Good luck - we all look forward to hearing how you solve this! Cheers Bruce

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