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    my 2.5 human year old shiba inu has completely removed all hair from the inside of her rear hind leg in a circle about 5 sq cm in size. she has been starching there more than usual and i have noticed large amounts of mosquitoes around but i didnt think they could penetrate her dense coat to get to her skin to bite her. any suggestions before another vet visit would be greatly appreciated. thanx in advance.

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    Could it be ring worm? or maybe allergic reaction to mosquitoes?

    Perhaps post a pic Maybe then one of the vet's on here may see and have an idea.

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    thanx pawfectionist
    shortly after this post my laptop died and only jst got a new 1. shes better now. even tho I thought it wasnt fleas, later that day i found a flea on my other dog. i used an oral flea treatment and over a 2-3 day period we put oatmeal paste on the spot which even tho she immediately licked it, did obviously soothe her. 3 weeks later and shes fine. IMG_0537.jpg
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    Hi 'Marc Pienovi' - belated to the forum !

    Really pleased that you have found the reason why your poor pup ended up with a 'bald patch' on her leg. Fleas can be a real pain !

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