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    Bunny-girls' other thread got me thinking, I'm sure most people have some sort of first aid kit for humans, even if it's the bathroom cabinet! But do people have them for their pets.

    I thought those who had one could share what's in it, to help those who don't figure out what they might find handy to have in case they ever need it.

    My animal one contains (bear in mind that I breed too and still rescue wildlife occasionally so some items may not suit your average pet owner!)

    Digital thermometer
    Vetwrap, gauze bandages & sticky elastoplast tape
    Wound pads / dressings
    Disinfectant (Betadine)
    Antiseptic cream (Savlon)
    Nursing bottles & teats
    Stomach (feeding) tubes
    Syringes (20ml & 10 ml for feeding infants, smaller for oral medications)
    Vitamin C powder
    Stop Chew spray (for bandages etc)
    Insect repellent wound spray
    "Tuffrock Poultice" (I love this stuff for wounds and sprains and lots of things!!)
    Manuka honey
    Liquid calcium
    Haemostats, dental floss, small scissors - umbilical cords and general use
    Milk replacer

    Nail clippers - technically live in grooming box but get used in first aid if needed. Plus bigger scissors from trimming hair off injuries.

    Usually in summer I have injectable vitamin C in the fridge in case of snake bite, and appropriate needles etc to administer in an emergency but I've had training in how to do that. Wouldn't recommend anything injectable for folks who haven't had training.

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    Great idea about the first aid kit!
    How do ou inject vit C... in the muscle I suppose? I.e. in the neck?

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    My human, dog, bird first stuff is all together and I take out anything needed when needed.
    The horse antiseptic powder gets used on dogs and humans alike.

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    Great list Nattylou!
    Is Aspirin OK for dogs? I thought it was a no-no?

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    Another question ....!
    Which 'stop chew' spray and which 'insect repellant wound spray" do you use?

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    Aspirin is ok for dogs, paracetamol is a no-no.

    Yes injectable Vit C goes into a muscle Margoo. It can go under the skin but will cause an abscess later. Not that I suppose that will matter if it's a last ditch or only chance in snakebite! But it is quite a thick liquid so needs a decent sized needle, and a decent muscle. So a neck muscle is ok, or a haunch if it is bigger.

    I'm like you Di - human and animal are interchangeable!

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    we got a 2 normal first aid kit and a survival kit cant be boded to tipe it all out lol its got to much stuff in them in them we have one in our car one in our truck and one in our house and me :P im the one with first aid training and know how to use them lol
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    Personally I dont have a first aid kit per say.

    I do have bits and peices everywhere though and I think you could be onto a winner there.

    I used to work with a girl that was doing doggy first aid classes with her mum, last I knew she was doing well from it, so I guess there is definetely an interest. I mean it's much cheaper to get a bloody first aid kit then it is to get insurance for your cat or dog!

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