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Thread: Omega 3 oil

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    Hey There
    I give my Dogues Fish oil tablets for humans from the chemist
    and I also give them Ester C powder in their meal also
    grey hound calcium powder....

    I have been a bit slack with the fish oil tablets lately and they have
    started to get itchy skin so I better start popping them down their mouths.

    I also give mine sardines ..
    But they eat Raw Roo Every Night..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beloz View Post
    Banjo doesn't like sardines unfortunately. Neither does the cat. I bought them some fresh ones once and they looked at me as if I'd tried to poison them.
    Assuming they don't like tinned sardines either?
    Or have you only tried fresh?

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    Yeah sardines are great, they are cheap as hell so when they are on special for like 0.60 cents ill get Oskar a bag full.

    I found this too, good reading:
    Fail to Give this Fat to Your Pets and You are Asking for Trouble

    Im not too sure about the "most pets consume high carbs..." unless of course she is talking in technical terms as some fruits and veggies are technically also carbs.

    Anyway, im signing off for now Happy New Year all.

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    If anyone is still reading this thread I'm just wondering if I have to see a vet to know how much fish oil I should be giving my dogs? I'm new to supplements and done a bit of research on fish oil and I'm not sure on what quantities are right.

    My male chihuahuaXpom has been really itchy lately and I've ruled out the obvious fleas/ticks. His skin isn't particularly dry or flaky either. I already wash him in an oatmeal shampoo that a groomer recommended but I heard fish oil supplements can help skin allergies. Obviously I may have to see a vet if his condition does not improve as I'm sure it's not nice to itch all the time.

    Also I read that you need to supplement Vitamin E as well if you're doing fish oil, so if anyone can help me out with quantities that would be nice.

    I have a male chihuahuaXpom who's about 6kg and a female chihuahuaXpom who's around 2.2kg.

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