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Thread: My miniture chihuahua changed personality in a short time

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    Default My miniture chihuahua changed personality in a short time

    Hello to all Im hoping someone can help us,my miniture chihuahua that absolutely loves my wife and won’t leave her side since a pup, changed 2 days ago after my wife had been out for 3 hours she came home and he seemed scared of her growling and barking at her and wouldn’t come near her, my wife took him to the vet yesterday and he didn’t seem to have any injuries or pain anywhere, and since then the dog hasn’t been near her and continues to bark and growl at her, he still goes up on the bed to sleep at night and when he looks at her he seems like he doesn’t know her and eventually moves away from her and sleeps, the vet didn’t have any answers and said it was probably behaviour problem but I don’t agree it all happened in 3 hrs. when my wife was out and before she left he was loving as normal, I am working away from home for long periods and my wife is now broken hearted over this and said shehas lost her companion for ever,can anybody help us with this or have heard of similar stories please.

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    Need more information, possibly if you could get your wife to tell the whole story it might shed some light. The devil is in the details mate. Most likely the cause is something that your wife hasn't noticed yet, like a change in routine or an unfamiliar smell.

    Chihuahuas are highly strung and emotionally fragile little dogs, and can have bizarre patterns of behaviour. I advise your wife to ignore him for a couple of days, the more she pleads for his attention the more he will be repelled from her. Recognize that the unfriendly behaviour is unacceptable and refuse to indulge him. Use reverse psychology and act like she doesn't even know he's there. After a while I expect he will forget about his weird turn and will start asking for pats again. It's highly unlikely that this standoffish behaviour will last forever if your wife handles it correctly.
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    Hi 'rguerin' and to the forum !

    As ' Mosh' said - it would be helpful to have more information regarding your 'miniature Chihuahua' - such as age.

    I only know of the breed of
    Chihuahua - not with miniature before the breed name.

    Have a look at this site:

    Disorders by Breed - Chihuahua - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    It will give you an idea of the sort of health problems that may affect your dog. It is based somewhat on USA information, but is still very relevant for our dogs in Australia.

    Hope this is helpful and Good Luck !

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    Thanks for the good advice im away for 3 more weeks so its frustrating that I cant help out

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    Thanks for your advice and help my wife has told me by email he is a minature chihuahua and he is nearly 3 years old and he seems to be improving slowly but still wont let her touch him

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    ' rguerin' - if all his needs are being meet and he is not showing any signs of illness - then if he is eating and generally behaving OK other than the patting - then what ' Mosh' said is working !

    Look forward to hearing more news !

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    If the behavior continues I would contact an experienced dog behaviouralist about it. IMO dogs dont have such a drastic change in behaviour for no reason. Sometimes a visit to a different vet for a second opinion can give different results. So maybe your wife can do this.

    There is also no such thing as a miniature chihuahua. There is only one type. Some breeders will breed what is known as a "teacup" chihuahua. Due to the fact the breeders are only breeding for small size, this can cause a number of health issues as well as behavioural.

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    it can very well happen in 3 hours.

    If someone tries to break into your home or a very traumatic event happens it can change the personality of the dog that quickly and leave a lasting impression. Is the dog ruined forever? No. But it needs behavioral help ASAP before habits form and it's skittish forever to a degree.

    Get your wife to email me

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    I agree with Nekhbet

    A couple of other things - there may be something not quite right with the dogs sense of smell or vision. Or your wife may have changed her smell and appearance enough over the three hours (spa treatment?) to freak the dog out.

    Or - more worryingly - she may have a personal health problem that is serious enough to freak her dog out. Some dogs react by becoming extremely clingy and continually poke or sniff the affected area - eg a skin cancer on the leg. But some dogs get upset by it as if it is contagious and will avoid the person who is ill.

    So if your wife could get a health check for herself - blood tests included, that might be helpful. And if she did something that radically changed her apppearance (hair cut?) - it may just take time for the dog to get over it.

    As best I can tell calling a Chihuahua "miniature" is just a marketing scam to get more money for their puppies.
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    I would check out the coming back smelling/looking/sounding/tasting different too.
    My husband got bailed up in our garden by his own rottie! He had put a baseball cap on and suddenly become someone else to our dog. Rather scary for hubby.

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